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"Phoenix Infiltrator"



A wide-eyed, but shy teenager, she arrived in the Butterfly Court about nine months before the run began: brought here by Xiao Fa from the Jade Taiga after her father's death, when her step-mother decided she had no use for her. Xiao Fa took her (along with a note) to Takanata, and he has since adopted her as his ward. There's been some gossip at court about this, since there was little explanation, beyond the rumor that her half-brother's mother deemed her inconvenient, but that has begun to die down from a lack of new information. She has been living with Takanata at his house in the capital, and has been spending her day. Occasionally when this happens she turns up in the company of Yang Shen-Ji or Anto with whom she seems to be friendly, though generally she turns out to have been sent unnoticed on some little errand.

Her social standing is somewhat uncertain given with hints of something awkward in her background. She tends to be shy and non-confrontational, speaking up seldom and volunteering little information. She often seems to be in her own little world.

Tokai Takanata recently identified her as his granddaughter by the spirit of Jasmine River.

Points and Whatnot

383 zhu

People Min Feng Currently Has Studied

1. Ezokin 
2. Tai Lung
3. Obsidian Warlord
4. Dai Xi
5. Renyu
6. Ni Cheng
7. Tan Than (Ochi)
8. Xiao Fa

9. (Lord Nogi)
10. (Shuyan)
11.  Lady Suzuki

Contacts and Associations


  • Tokai Takanata is her guardian and grandfather; she lives with him at his house in the city.
  • Xiao Fa brought her to the Butterfly Kingdom from her brother's house in the Jade Taiga. They are good friends, despite the differences in their ages.
  • Li Merit met her at her father's house when she was five.
  • Yang Shen-Ji is a friend of hers from court. The two often explore the hallways together.
  • Anto is another friend that she met at court and likes to go exploring with.


  • Song Hsi-Su - step mother, lives with her brother in the Jade Taiga

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