Song of the Phoenix

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A secret organization based in the Shrouded Isle. It is organized into (at least) three Houses: Melody, Harmony, and Silence. Kuan-Xi (Melody), Yanyu (Harmony), and Min Feng (Silence) have formed the first Triad for over a hundred years (in Phoenix Hearth). At their Triad ceremony, the Great Butterfly Spirit invoked prior agreements with the Great Phoenix Spirit such that Kuan-Xi, Yanyu, and Min Feng are authorized to share secrets with the party.

According to Takanata's Connections Readings, the Song of the Phoenix is the target of the Dragon Army's blockade of the Shrouded Isle. (In the Connections Readings, it is referred to as "Min Feng's Secret Society".)

A second Triad was formed after Dragon's release, consisting of Shidehara Setsuko, Minoru Tama, and Eto Tansho.

They can teach the following shticks to Triad members:

Level 1 shticks:

  • Triad Bonus: 1/scene, add +1 Die to an arbitrary roll per other member of your triad in ZOC. Freq 3, Power 2.
  • Triad Knowledge: 1/run, see through any attempt to disguise a member of your triad or disguise someoene else as a member of your triad. Freq 2, Power 3.

Level 2 shticks:

  • Use Triad Skill: Use any skill listed on a triad member's character sheet as if it were your own. Freq 2, Power 5.
  • Locate Triad Member: 1/scene, know the rough location of the other members of your triad. Freq 3, Power 3.

Level 3 shticks:

  • Give Action: I can spend a Yin to give another triad member my action (it stays as the type that I rolled for my speed). Freq 3, Power 5.
  • Secret Language: The members of your Triad share a secret language, that no one can decode. At least two members must have bought this shtick for it to work. Freq 6, Power 3.