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In the Expatriatism run, the party helped a bunch of Imperial people (mostly soldiers) who had been living in the South, get back over the wall and into the Empire. Along with them came a number of Southern spouses and children. Unfortunately, current Imperial Law does not allow for people to cross the wall to return and resume their lives. To fix this, two things need to be done:

  • An Imperial Edict (a law passed by the Regency Council or declared by the Emperor)
  • A change in Army regulations. From the Dragon Army side, it's probably another one of those mechanics where if you can persuade most of the commanders, they'll make it so unless the Warlord is dead set against it (and if he is, having all of them on board would make it so anyway.) And if you persuade most of the subcommanders under a commander, it'll probably persuade the commander, etc etc. If you change the Wall so that crossing is no longer a Thing That Is Never Done, then this would probably be a persuasion roll rather than a thing that required a favor.

The spouses and children are a bigger issue and since there is no concept of an immigrant to the Empire, Shen-Ji does not currently have a plan that can get them legal status.

Regency Council favors collected for this purpose:

  • One (horse-flavored) favor from the Precincts regent

Favors from Army commanders collected for this purpose:

  • None yet