Southern Gods

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Centralizing some information on the Southern Gods. See also Southern Gods Lecture.

There are three great gods, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. There are a pantheon of smaller gods, including:

  • Agni, the Lord of Flames
  • Durga, the Goddess of Battle - connection to Kali?
The servant briefly contemplates his options, but then decides to give up on the pretense. He shouts "Kali Durga!" and then charges the little group.
  • Ganesha, the Lord of Revolution
  • Kali, the Goddess of Chaos and Destruction. Bad bad bad guy.
  • Kalkin - aka Sam
  • Krishna, god of lust, pipes, and other things?
  • Kubera, the god of trade.
  • Maitreya, the Binder of Demons
  • Mahasamatman, god of light? aka Sam, aka Kalkin. Tends to be allied with the party.
  • Maya -
  • Niritti, an exiled? god. Tends to be mercenary. Makes golems of men, or something akin to that.
  • Ratri, the Goddess of Night. Served by Iala Mane.
  • Yama, the god of Death and Artifice

Runs with further information about Southern Gods:

Tell us what you know about the Southern pantheon.
They name a number of southern gods: Yama, Ratri, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Kali, Ganesh. They are pretty sure either of Vishnu or Brahma are in charge, and that Kali wants to be, but they don’t know details. Dealing with Yama is in many ways more like dealing with a spirit or a demon rather than dealing like a mortal. We are sure that he is not using the ghosts against the Empire; for him to be doing that would require him to be false in this sort of bargain in a way that we do not believe is possible. We do not think he is working with Kali.

They seem to have associated colors for their robes/their priests' robes.

  • Kali = Black
  • Kalkin = White
  • Maya = Yellow
  • Yama = Red