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Physical Mental Spiritual
Body Reflexes Mind Social Tao
Force/Offense Strength Accuracy Intelligence Charisma Yang
Precision/Defense Resistance Dexterity Wit Grace Yin
Reserve Health Energy Resolve Status Chi
Hit Points HP = (Health + Energy) * 5
Move Move = (Strength + Energy) / 2

Stat Categories (Physical, Mental, Spiritual): The category of a stat determines how many phases you need to make any particular action in a combat situation.

Primary stats (Body, Reflexes, Mind, Social, and Tao): These are always equal to the minimum of their associated substats. If some effect temporarily lowers a primary stat, all substats are reduced by the same amount. If some effect temporarily raises a primary stat, all substats below the new value of the primary increase to equal it.

Substats: The 15 substats (Strength, Accuracy, etc.) are what you actually spend your XP to raise, and generally roll most of the time.

Base Values: All physical and mental substats start at a base value of 3. All spiritual substats start with a base value of 0. The common peasant can be assumed to have a 3 in most physical and mental stats.

Costs: Raising a substat from a value of N-1 to N costs you N EPs. All intermediate steps must be paid for.

Some Examples

These examples by no means encompass everything, but may give you some better ideas what we imagine the stats do.

  • Strength: hold onto a grabbed person or escape from a grab; holding up a collapsing ceiling; movement
  • Resistance: (Comet-style toughness in combat); resist damage from fire
  • Health: Resist poison
  • Accuracy: Hit someone;
  • Dexterity: Dodge; acrobatic breakfall
  • Energy: Stay awake; movement
  • Intelligence: sheer intellect, memory, lore, figuring things out, detective work
  • Wit: noticing things, avoiding tricks and traps
  • Resolve: stubbornness, resolution, devotion, will rolls
  • Charisma: Persuasion, Seduction
  • Grace: Dodging persuasion and seduction; Sense motive. Note that the "observing people psychologically" perception skills will tend to be Grace.
  • Status: General social level. (e.g. "Make a status roll to see if you got invited to the ball".)
  • Yang: Chi-blast
  • Yin: Healing
  • Chi: Deep in the Midst of Magical Rituals