Taint Cleansing

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We begin with a circle on the ground, and a low earth wall running east to west through the center of it.

Two people, the one to be cured (A) and the one doing the curing (B) step into the southern half.

A invokes the Yang by leaping over the wall (without touching it - no one touches the wall until the end) and seizing the Bloodstaff, which is waiting there, needing one success with an athletics roll and one success with a Yang roll with magic ritual.

B invokes the Yin by seeing the corruption in A, needing 1 success with a weirdshit per roll of some sort, and one success with a Yin roll with Magic Ritual.

A places a sweet-thorn/deathblossom (in a pot) on the South side of the wall. B uproots it and destroys it with at least one success. (Destruction of Wood.)

A adds some silver to a small pile of silver on the South side of the Wall. B picks it up and goes through it, throwing back anything marked with Torghut. 1 success with Torghut skill. (Seeking Metal).

A throws an ice cube at B. B catches it (1 success with Dex and appropriate catching skills - Juggling, maybe?) and holds it in his hand until it melts, collecting the water in a bowl at his feet. (Transformation of Water).

Frustrated, A tries to climb the wall, but fails. B mounts the wall (1 success with climbing), and stands atop it (Mastery of Earth).

Having failed, A soaks the Yang energy as 1 success of Creation of Fire.

Having succeeded, B disarms A of the Necromancy Staff, getting at least one success (or using a shtick), and pulls A across the wall, where the Yin energy discharges as Creation of Fire that cleans the Northern Taint from A.