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Takanata will dreamwalk to the Bridge of Moonlight, at night.

He's looking to see if there are any clues in the Dreamworld as to who might be protecting it from being moved.

You trundle around the base of one side of the bridge, poking around in the shadows. The more you poke, the more you start to see spiderwebs in the shadows, at first small ones, then larger ones, starting to be sticky cables straining against the structure of the bridge... it's starting to grow dimmer, and the spiderwebs are getting large enough to catch a small dreamer. In the distance, you can see others, some who are pulling on the cables, others who might be trying to sever them with a sword...
Continue questing [y/n]?

I don't go any further forward.

I activate Eyes of the I Ching, to see what more can be seen from here, then turn it off, and leave.

You walk towards them, turning on Eyes of the I Ching. (You realize that investigating further does count as going further forward - it's kind of all the same.)
The people are people, as far as the dream is concerned, rather than not-people. The ones pulling on the spiderweb cables seem to have some grey chi lines attached to them - the one with a sword has a fainter flickering reddish chi line.
One of the grey-chi lined guys turns towards you, and seems less to be a guy now, more like a puppet being held by the grey chi hand, and starts to come towards you more swiftly.
Make a Yin roll with Dreamwalking to retreat.

(5 successes)

You start trying to walk/run/fly/something back to where you started, but you don't seem to be going very fast, and the cobwebs are still pretty grey and thick, but running downstream along the river, it's smoother going than elsewhere, and you do eventually pull ahead and leave the cobwebbies behind, and are safe to wake up.

Once I am safely awake again, I think about some questions:

Were the guys pulling on the webs trying to move the bridge with them, or trying to pull them loose from the bridge?

The former, you think. They were hauling more than tugging.

Were any of the guys in Dragon Army uniforms or otherwise distinctive?

The guys that started chasing you were the only ones close enough to really see; there was some hint of uniform, but it was fading as they became cobweb-puppets to chase you.

Did the grey guys and the sword-guys seem to be noticing each other, or were they each dealing with the webs and ignoring each other?

They weren't interacting with each other.