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I worry a little about overlap between Chris and Robert. From what I'm reading, it sounds like we'll actually be OK but I think we should keep an eye on it. - Robert

(Note that with eighteen players, there's probably going to be overlap between people's characters. Especially in the fighter-ish realm, I suspect. :) Boojum)

Yep. - Robert

As I mentioned on zephyr, Marleigh & are are potentially looking for family members. (Maybe we could even glom onto Charles and make one big sprawling extended family!) --Andrea

Rob - I think we'll be fine, and I'm not worried about conflict, either. You mentioned overkill in your character description, and while my character would not be psyched about that, he can respect that your motive is to protect others. I'm also very strongly of the opinion that everyone playing an RPG should be trying to make sure everyone else has fun, so I'm not planning on trying to force people to do things my way (and I would change my character concept pre-game if everyone else wanted to play characters who were actually incompatible). - Cwalsh

Andrea - the more the merrier :) - Cwalsh