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Charles' theory (and more vaguely Takanata's) is that the Imperial Consort is Min Feng, since she just bought a new Destiny Shtick. The GMs have definitely leaked tabletalk that suggests that might be the case, but proving it in world would be helpful. Also figuring out what it means to be an *unacknowledged* Imperial Consort.

I'm also sort of thinking the Alchemist's side of the Marked Split was planning a non-marked-puppet for Emperor, although I'm less confident about that.

I'll have to go back and read the logs that show the visions we've had of the Marked. There was one where one of them said something that implied that he expected on of them to become emperor and that he assumed the others shared that expectation, I'll have to see who that was. Certainly the Marked don't tell each other everything. As for the Consort, I'm keeping an open mind until we have in world data, but it's not an unreasonable theory. Mostly the Consort thing is something I have a clue how to research.