Temple of Invisible Wind

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The Temple of Invisible Wind is much smaller than most temples, and is very open. There are a few enclosed rooms in the central building, but it's surrounded by open hallways (like roofs on pillars) that go around the building, giving a view in all directions, that the wind passes through. It's quite chilly walking up, but once you get under the hall-roofs, the wind is just as brisk but less cold. (It's not warm, just neutral-temperature).

There are two monks in residence who greet everyone. Those who wish to go to the very top pagoda and look out over the mountains, seeking a quest can do so - send us one roll each for Yang/Yin/Chi, and an impression of "What are you looking for?"

Xiao Fa thinks that paths are not presented to those who do not seek a path - but also, that those who ask for a path to follow will find their feet turning towards that path in the future.