The Crew

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A group of criminals led by a rogue Imperial Inspector named River Ford. First encountered in Three Ring Yoshi.


  • River Ford -- the Mastermind
  • Sho Fi -- the Femme Fatale
  • Paoku - the Thief (female)
  • Hadisen - the Bureaucrat (Spider aspect; male)
  • Sipensai - the Fighter (male)

The group has some kind of loyalty shtick. They are fourth level and have been hovering there for a while; they are looking for the Big Job which will make them a Master Group.

When Takanata read Ford's I Ching, he got a reading for the whole group. They are well-suited for capers in the material world; if they deal with the World Above, etc, it will go badly for them. When they become a Master Group, they'll be particularly effective.

They have probably become a Master Group now, after retrieving Li Kao.