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Residents of the Butterfly Court


Tokai Takanata (Charles), a master of the I Ching, is an advisor to the Butterfly King and a judge in the Court of Distinction.


Teng Hanako (Andrea), is trained as a geisha. Graceful, gracious, sociable, artistic, and ethereally lovely (though she also looks just like her twin, Hiroki!). She and Hiroki have come to stay with their great-great-uncle Takanata after some trouble on the mainland.


Teng Hiroki (Marleigh), is a bit more boisterous than his twin Hanako. The two have come to stay with Takanata after some trouble on the mainland.


Yoshinosuke (Chris), a great-nephew of Takanata's, is a swordsman of the Butterfly Kingdom who studies his opponents' spirits so that he can defeat and redeem people rather than killing them. He approaches social challenges with insight and honesty.


Song Min Feng (Kate) is a pretty, wide-eyed, but shy teenager, recently turned fifteen. Xiao Fa brought her from her home in the Jade Taiga to the Butterfly Court nine months ago, and she was adopted as a ward of Takanata's, though she is actually his granddaughter.


Deng Zhi-Hao (Brian) is the Weapons Master to the Court of the Butterfly King. The locally born Master Deng spent his youth as a weapons trainer in the Dragon Army before recently returning to the Isle of Butterflies.


Yang Shen-Ji (Derrick) is a metal sorceror. A city boy and used to the creature comforts of Court, his master is encouraging him to get out and see the world.


Lijuan (Heidi), the one with the bow who's all "WOOOO!!", was once a retainer to a noble house in the Forest of Chin. Then she fell on hard times and became a poacher and petty thief for some while before being (somewhat) reformed by Yoshi, who also arranged for her to have a position under House Tokai's huntsman.


Arata Kasumi (Meg), an oddly cheerful young ninja.

Members of the Silken Wings Circus


Li Merit (Drew) has served as the provisioner and stage manager for the Circus for about ten years, after retiring from his travels as a merchant.


Zhu Cai-Wen (Jerry) has only recently joined the circus after being escorted to the Butterfly Kingdom by Shen Wei Han. His official role is to warm up the crowd before a performance, but he does other odd jobs as well. His pet ferret is nearly as popular with young women as he is.


Wu Shuyan (Adina) has been a circus performer all her life, from acrobatics to cart driving. Her special talents, however, are in snake charming, including the use of chi-enhanced snakes in healing.


Qin Yanyu (Elizabeth) was recently hired as a translator after Ringmaster Te's experiences with northern barbarians. She is a widow of a soldier of the Dragon Army and has a young daughter.



Shen Wei Han (Rob) is a soldier from the North Wall, recently arrived as an escort to Zhu Cai-Wen. He is about 30 winters, weatherbeaten and scarred, and wears fairly heavy armor.


Xiao Fa (Eon), who looks to be in his early- to mid-30s, is a priest of the Selfless Path, seeking to turn his life around from the mistakes of a misspent youth.


Anto (Kurgan) is a young man from Iron Mountain , a student of the Fivefold Way and its Five Essence Style of sorcerous martial arts. Raised on tales of great warriors, he seeks to prove himself worthy of the same greatness. He has recently been travelling with Xiao Fa.


Xian (Cael) is a slightly built pale-skinned young man woman, maybe 20 years old at most, with a clear, soft voice and a twinkle in his her startling jade green eyes.


Master Zhou (Tom) has the appearance and bearing of an old master...


Tsai Su-yin (Diandra) is a petite 25-year-old woman with a shaved head, wearing somewhat faded red robes. A traveling monk, she now follows the Wandering Path.


Suzuki Kuan-Xi (Jennifer) is white-haired.

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