The Tokai Twins

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Twin Brother Hiro (Marleigh) and Sister Hana (User:Andrea).

The twins are the only children of Teng Yi-Jan and Teng Mai, minor nobles of the Forest of Chin. Teng Mai is the niece of Tokai Wanakaru, descended from a daughter of Tokai Hiakana.

They were inseparable as children, and even after they started being given separate lessons/training, they spent as much time together as possible, telling each other everything and sometimes dressing up as each other and switching places to attend each other's lessons or otherwise go off where they weren't supposed to be. Hiro is next in line as the heir to the Teng lands, after his father, but the twins always assumed they'd rule together when the time arrived. When their parents sent Hana away to the Hon'eth Arcade to train as a geisha, Hiro refused to stay home and continue his own training as heir, and instead ran off after his sister.

Now the twins are on the run from Pre-Game Trouble. They have made their way to the Butterfly Court (details to be added during the mini-run) to seek protection from their uncle Takanata.

Book 3: Since their run-in with Northern Necromancers, the twins are sharing one body between them...

Marleigh's character description/notes

Hiroki aka "Hiro"

Profession: Robin Hood? (Is that a profession? We could just go "Hero" and be done with it.  :) Aspect: Monkey (?)

He is the Yang twin; the energetic/impulsive man of action.

Andrea's character description/notes

Hanako aka "Hana"

Profession: Geisha/Courtesan. (Also, Seekrit weirdshit) Aspect: Phoenix

She is the Yin twin; the planner and big-picture-seer of the pair. Graceful, gracious, sociable, artistic, and ethereally lovely (though she also looks just like her twin!).