The Yamato

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Kuan-Xi's flagship.

During the effort to rescue the army in Donkiruku, Kuan Xi and Shen Ji raised the boat from the bottom of the harbor to aid in the evacuation.

Kuan-Xi is intrigued by the idea of raising the Yamato, though. Could walls of ice raise it? The city would also be pleased to get it out of the harbor, and because of the time compression currently in place, it would be possible to get it refitted ASAP by throwing sufficient money at it."

Kuan-Xi and Shen-Ji put their heads together to come up with a plan to raise the boat. Shen-Ji uses his ring of water breathing and his earth-destroying magic to free the boat from the bottom of the harbor, and Kuan-Xi uses True Water Sorcery to shape careful ice walls to raise the boat from the bottom. Then for 12 tael (10 for dice and 2 for a luxury refit), the Yamato is rebuilt as a 25-die boat, now owned by Kuan-Xi (who now owes Wei Han one tael).


Current officers table

Name Hometown Adjectives Position
Nishin Meiyo (f) Irori Loyal, Courageous, and Lucky Captain
Wei Song (f) City of Light Competent, Experienced First Mate
Xu Bihai (m) Buzhen Port Competent, Well-connected Sailing Master
Kurogane Konami (f) Petal Bay Competent, Unorthodox Navigator
Yan Mouse (m) Irori Competent Shipwright
Master Ghim (m) Two Names Competent, Mad Armorer
Tashi Lotus (f) Port of Propitious Voyage Competent, Overprepared Quartermaster



Enlisted crew

  • 15 junior sailors
    • Blue 1 is Able Seaman Li
  • 15 senior sailors

Ship's treasury

10 tael and 10 li