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The GMs don't always have a good sense of what plots the party as a whole wants to be pursuing. So if there's a plot you want to do in a run (steal the Tortoise talisman, change the name of the Roof of the World, whatever), list it below, and put your name beside it. If someone else has listed a plot you are in favor of, put your name beside it. Feel free to list as many as you like, but if it's a plot nobody has poked at yet, you probably also want to put some effort into figuring out how to start.

Monster Mash. Rescue Shen-Ji via copious quantities of demon destruction: Shen Wei Han

Change the rules. We've put changing the laws so that the Dragon Army can make sorties across the wall onto the Regents' agenda. It'd be nice if we can push that from agenda to reality: Shen Wei Han

The Imperial Job : Shen-Ji, Xiao Fa, Master Zhou, Cai Wen, Kasumi, Min Feng

Stealing the Tortoise Talisman: Xiao Fa, Shen-Ji, Cai Wen, Deng, Min Feng

Change the name of the Roof of the World: Xiao Fa, Master Zhou, Wei Han, Cai Wen, Lijuan, Kasumi, Shen-Ji, Deng (or other countries)

Interfere with the long term plans of that guy in the North. Possible methods include attacking him directly, convincing his allies to pull out of the attack on the Empire, and supporting a future opponent of his. Lijuan, Xiao Fa, assuming this is extra-long code for the Great Khan, Shen-Ji, Cai Wen, Xian

Cross the wall and wreak havoc in Northern territories: Robert, Shen-Ji, Kasumi

Learn more about each of the current cycle spirits (and candidates), especially their interactions with Spider. This would be a preamble to deciding if any were to be replaced by Horse. Lijuan, Xiao Fa (I think Takanata did a big chunk of this already), Deng

Finding the other half of Spider's secret in the Library, and dealing with the finding the heir plot/ramifications of that secret: Deng, Xian

Get "Min Feng's" Star Metal: Shen-Ji, Takanata