Three Piers

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A village on the ocean, and not in the Hon'eth Arcade.

It seems to occupy an alternate space, called the Lost Empire (of which it is apparently the sole municipality), peopled by those touched by the Whale (which the Whale can apparently do because, well, they aren't in the Empire, and so the rules perhaps don't apply).

The denizens await the Return.

The town is visited by the Fog Ship, whose captain, Xie, is of an ally of the Whale, but isn't touched by the Whale itself.

Three Piers was about to vanish into the ether when Whale was defeated in Let the Sun Shine In, but Cai Wen used "Take My Marbles Home" (and seven karma) to keep it for himself. He couldn't sustain it all by himself (would cost a karma a run just to keep the lights on), so needed a spiritual sponsor, and he chose Fox.

He's still trying to figure out how pocket dimensions work...

People currently on the access control list:

  • The party (current members, plus Anto, Hana, Hiro, and Sei-Lin)
  • Kiri
  • The Captain, XO, and Navigator on the Yamato
  • Xie
  • From the Circus: Melina and Mondo

Three Piers is still located in the "Old Empire" (which Cai Wen thinks probably means the same thing as "Lost Empire"; there was a choice of whether it should stay there or be in some other space).