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What are the paired Northern Power stats that make up Beastmastery, Necromancy, and Battle?
Beastmastery = Life + Blood / Necromancy = Life + Death / Battle = Blood + Death
What are the Southern Dharma stats?
Light, Darkness, and Shadow
What are the names of the three official royals of Butterfly Gardens?
Ti Lao, Ti Wren, Ti Jun
What does the Illuminated Precincts count its calendar on?
The founding of the Exalted Library
Which country counts its calendar from the farthest back?
The Plains of Honor
What does the Foxwoods count its calendar on?
The burning of the Black Spire
Which of the following is not a current Forest house? Xing / Tsui /Tsai / Sung / Feng / Mong
What are the four great non-Cycle spirits/demons of the Empire?
The Jasmine River, the Pearl River, the Summit of Fire, and the Forest
Who does Iala Mane worship?
Ratri (the southern goddess of Night)
Name the Five Temple Paths
Ascending Path, Spiral Path, Wandering Path, High Path, Selfless Path
Name all the ex-Marked since the start of the run
The Cartogramancer, Lucky Chang, ``Machan Li, Tai Lung, Autumn Rose
Name four of the Original Marked.
Mistweaver / Thief / Vizier / Assassin / Honeytongue / Huan Ken / Huan Ken / the Alchemist
Name three out of four of the other members of the United Liberation Front
Daizhou Liberation Front, Liberation Front of Daizhou, Alternative Freedom Coalition, Daizhou Freedom Cooperative
Which Silken Wings Circus performer was killed by a skinwalker?
Silent Han
Who is Dhang Kuriko?
The other Wu Xing
Who are the two White Pagoda guests trained in Northern Battle magics?
Broken Sword and Long Yue-Mei
Who said this? "Despite my familiarity with this environment, I was completely surprised to learn that none of the alchemists I enquired with would be able to create a Grand Ritual in fifteen minutes! After asking at each of them, and confirming that even the presence of two Talismans would not permit such a thing to be done, I concluded (at each alchemist) that we would have to attempt a different method, to bargain with a spirit in the World Above instead."
Jin (Takanata's cryptomancer)
Who got the Magpie Talisman from Ezokin?
The House of Night's Promise
Who said this? "There I was, surrounded by those I thought (and in truth, still do think) friends, looking at the end. Not the end of the day, or the end of the performance, but what was most assuredly going to be the end of my life. For when one of the most powerful sorcerers of the land lays a trap for one of the most devious and deadly bands of adventurers to trod upon Imperial soil since the Ring of Many Lis was broken, one does not want (or expect) to hear, “Let’s give all the treasure to _____ and send him off alone."
Mystic Mondo
In sorcery, what elements thwart the other elements, in order around? (The greater destructive relation)
Earth absorbs Water quenches Fire melts Metal chops Wood parts Earth
Name seven original country names that were not on the map at the beginning of the run
Dragon's Throne, Monkeypuzzle Forest, Magpie's Treasure, Serpentine, Foxruns, Stepps of the Watchdog, Cranesflight Heights, Phoenix Hearth, Savanna of Tigers, Tortoiseshell Precincts
Death is the animus of what?
The ninja
Who said this? "How do you chase Master Deng away? You don't. You can't. You let him figure out that you are preventing him from being where he needs to be, and then he will cut his way through any obstacle in order to be there instead of where you are."
What is the name of Machan Li's daughter?
Who are the two people speaking here?
"The more of Xiao Fa's companions are involved, the less likely it is that a bargain will be properly kept if it is to their advantage to forget or accidentally win. You know this." "...You are not wrong there."
Lucky Chang and Precious Jade
Who says this? "You are not permitted to look at the First Concubine until her missing veil has been found!"
What is the name of the young sea serpent that hangs around with Huian?
A natural philosopher and a dark sorceress are part of what temple?
The Gentle Admonishers of Disquiet
What play were the Monkey King and the World's Worst Playwright involved with?
The King in Yellow
What are the three signs of Toro that are done or mostly done?
A great massacre among men, with death as swift and silent as the falling of night / A rebellion arising in the World Below, to place the World Below above the World Above /
What is the business that nearly caused the "river dry of water" sign of Toro to happen?
The Upward Line Association
Name two members of the Eternal Braid
Hsu Verity / Eternal Redoubt / Ni Junxian
Name one of the Five Virtues that the Cup of Five Virtues is named after
The five virtues referred to in the name are: Quality, Service, Taste, Discretion, and Comfort.
Who had a marriage contract engaging him to Kuan-Xi?
Minoru Katsu.
Name three branches of the Si Fan
Way of the Courtesan, Way of the Merchant, Way of the Bureaucrat, and Way of the Thief
Who is Zhao Feiyan?
The Pearl of the Taiga
Who was the source of Free Opera?
Scholar Turtle
What is the name of Kuan-Xi's boat?
The Yamato
What is the name of the headmaster of the Winter Academy?
Master Hong
What demon is Kai touched by?
Dark Truths / Enigma
Which is not one of Cai Wen's molls? A mirror demon, a ninja, a circus performer, a Great Spirit, a Jade Guard, a bandit queen, a detective, a Keeper of the Hoard, a seahorse cavalier, an alchemist.
a circus performer