Twelve Immortals

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Those who have eaten an entire golden-skinned peach from the Golden Palace Of The Immortals. Their chi is very non-entropic, according to Xiao Fa.

Some we know of include:

  • Ho Tan Mi, The Prince, summoned by doing something with his Golden Sword
  • Old Hop, summoned by drinking a whole gourd of Golden Palace Rice Wine (monkey)
  • The Huntress, Ming Lieren, summoned by doing something with (Xiao Fa suspects shooting into something you are hunting) a hunting arrow (crane)
  • Hirasoto the Implacable, summoned by... (serpent)
  • Li Kao, the Permanent Reverence, ?? by doing something with his meditation beads. (tortoise)
  • Gou, The Troubador, summoned by doing something with the Golden Ocarina (dog)
  • Ochi/Tan, The golden tongued?, summoned by doing something with a Golden Quill (not available at this time) (fox)
  • Pai Zhi-Zao the Smith, summoned by doing something with a Golden Gear. (Magpie)
  • Li the Wanderer - (spider)
  • Yeh the Mountain - (bear)
  • Takanata, the Bearer of Auguries (this is okay to share inside the Party, but please don't spread his appellation around), summoned by doing ?? with ??. (Butterfly). Previous to Takanata becoming the Butterfly Immortal, the last known Butterfly Immortal was the Lady Arisa.

The Tiger Immortal is said to have been assassinated before the last great Southern invasion, about a generation ago.

The Phoenix Immortal either does not exist or is very mysterious.

Mystic Mondo's Opinions on the Twelve Immortals

  1. He doesn't believe the whole "eat a peach and become immortal" thing. He's pretty sure that the peaches and the Golden Palace are tied up with immortality, but it's not nearly so simple. There's even a story of one who was climbing a sacred peach tree, fell off, and achieved immortality before he hit the ground, saving his life.
  2. There are supposed to be "Twelve Immortals", but he's not sure that's true. He hasn't heard of more than twelve, but he's also heard of people who were not immortal and then became immortal, but not because of a previous immortal dying or anything like that. Maybe twelve is the ideal state, or an upper (or lower) bound, or something, but there are may not always be exactly twelve of them.
  3. He doesn't think all immortals count as one of the "twelve immortals". He can easily envision beings who are immortal, or effectively so, with no association whatsover to the Golden Palace, or peaches, etc. Such people, like Wei Han, presumably gain their immortality from other sources entirely.