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Charles/Takanata's take on Whale's Progress as of 8/14/2016 Feel free to update, but please update the date, as well.

1) Ritual - I don't know that he has one, but I've never seen this as a huge stumbling block, and he's probably on it.

2) Permission:

Whale hasn't actually contracted with us for any of these but this is what we can provide. If he has taken care of any of these himself, we haven't heard about it that I know of. He has cut some deals with Spider on occasion.

  • Bear: We have Lijuan
  • Dog:
  • Crane: We have the Talisman
  • Tiger:
  • Tortoise:
  • Monkey: We have the Talisman
  • Butterfly: We have the Talisman
  • Phoenix:
  • Serpent: We have the Talisman (and Shuyan)
  • Fox:
  • Spider:
  • Magpie: We have the Talisman

3) I think Kiri/Renyu have Whale's Talisman, but it's not clear to me if it's just on Renyu or somehow with both.

4) I could easily be missing a tag or two here, and he might have gotten some without us:

  • Bear Mountain:
  • Steppes:
  • (Whatever Roof of the World is called now):
  • Plains of Honor:
  • Forest of Chin:
  • Illuminated Precincts: MAJOR TAG from that salon we threw.
  • Butterfly Meadows:
  • Shrouded Isle:
  • Strand:
  • Taiga:
  • Dragon's Throne:
  • Arcade:

We owe him another tag, if he gives us a plan.

5) Great Tag: Illuminated Precincts

6) Power over the Target: Nothing I know of. If he's actually going for Tortoise, that's not a Talisman we've got (currently)

7) Great Change in the World: I got nothing. This is likely another ritual? Or possibly a deal with one of the big elemental spirits? Doing two major rituals at once would be rough.

8) A Change in the World Above: I'm assuming Whale will take care of this himself, but maybe he doesn't care. It's probably good if we make sure it happens. (Shen-Ji/Derrick: Does this apply to Whale?) (Takanata/Charles: I meant "it's probably good if we make sure the change in the world above happens, assuming the swap is going off", rather than "it's good if we get them into the cycle." I think that applies to Whale as much as the rest of them.)