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First Week

N What Temporal Score for Country Turn 1 Spiritual Score for Country Turn 1 Extra Credit
1 Save the Prince 3 out of 5 Arcade 0/1/6/3/2 Wolf/Magpie/Bear/Horse/Phoenix
3 Glass and Clay 5 of 5 Arcade 0/5 Wolf/Magpie
4 Saving Spear Carrier Ri 4 of 5 Arcade 4/1/1 Wolf/Magpie/Horse
5 Encounter at Farpoint 5 of 5 Arcade 4/1 Wolf/Magpie
6 Gate of Shen 4 of 5 Arcade 1/4 Wolf/Magpie
8 Daizhou 3 of 5 Arcade 2/2/2 Wolf/Magpie/Monkey +2 Arcade, 1/2/1 Wolf/Magpie/Cycle
9 Close the Tunnel 4 out of 5 Arcade 5/0 Wolf/Magpie
10 Stone Drum 1 of 5 Arcade 4/1 Wolf/Magpie +1 Arcade , 1/1/1 Wolf/Magpie/Horse

Second Week

N What Temporal Score for Country Turn 2 Spiritual Score for Country Turn 2 Extra Credit
4 Donkiruku 5 of 5 Arcade 1/4 Wolf/Magpie
5 Gate of Shen 4 of 5 Arcade 3/2 Wolf/Magpie +2 Arcade, 3/0 Wolf/Magpie
6 Dire Beasts 2 of 5 Arcade 4/1 Wolf/Magpie +3 Arcade, 1/2 Wolf/Magpie
7 +13 Arcade
8 Commander Yao 5 of 5 Arcade 2/3 Wolf/Magpie +3 Arcade, 4/3/1/1 Wolf/Magpie/Cycle/Yama
9 Daizhou 4 of 5 Arcade 1/3/1 Wolf/Magpie/Horse
10 1/1/1 Wolf/Magpie/Horse
11 House of the Lotus 3 of 5 Arcade 0/4 Wolf/Magpie

Third Week

N What Temporal Score for Country Turn 3 Spiritual Score for Country Turn 3 Extra Credit
2 House of the South Wind 4 of 5 Arcade 1/4 Wolf/Magpie
3 House of a Hundred Scholars 5 of 5 Arcade 3/2 Wolf/Magpie
5 3/0 Wolf/Magpie
6 Investigating Gainful Protection 3 of 5 Arcade 0/4 Wolf/Magpie 1/2 Wolf/Magpie
7 +11 Arcade
8 4/3/1/1 Wolf/Magpie/Cycle/Yama
10 1/1/1 Wolf/Magpie/Horse
11 The Fire Abomination 5 of 5 Arcade 4/1 Wolf/Magpie
13 Less Obscure Benevolent Headquarters 5 of 5 Arcade 2/2/2 Wolf/Magpie/Dragon

Zhu Cai Wen's Notes

Hitting a number once, and doing a mission, results in an Arcade Score (? of 5) and a Spirit Minigame Score, which has usually been 5 points distributed between Magpie and Wolf, except for exceptions.

Hitting a number a second (or subsequent) time within a week usually results in some extra credit, for both the Arcade and the Spirit Minigame. The mission will usually be strongly related (maybe a follow-up) to the original mission.

When a week ends (after the run in which the 7 is rolled):

Temporal Score: Arcade Houses make their rolls. If they roll Military, and succeed (rolling equal to or under their stat), then they contribute 3*roll to the Arcade score for that week. (Hitting the house stat exactly also gets an extra bonus of some kind.) Failing a Military roll results in the House taking a point of damage to its Military stat. Arcade points from the Winter Scoreboard for that week (including extra credit) are summed with points from House Military rolls, and compared to a victory target number. If the total Arcade Points exceeds the victory number, the Arcade gains ground in the war, and excess points are (approximately) divided by 2 and placed in the extra credit column of the "7" row for the next week.

Spiritual Score: Cai Wen thinks that the outcome of the minigame isn't as simple as "whoever has more points wins", or "majority vote of points (after negotiation) wins". In particular, trying to suss out Horse's motivation for getting on the board, Cai Wen thinks that there is something intentionally obfuscatory about the contest. For Spirit Minigame extra credit, the state of each week begins with the end-state of the previous week, and then updates as necessary. (i.e. my best estimate of total points for each spirit is the sum of scores from the Spiritual Score column, plus the extra credit from the current week only.

Some things we might like to roll if we can:

  • 3: The intel leak that allegedly caused the Fiasco in week 2 (Roll 8), blamed on the Arcade
  • 4: Chiyo's secret mission is on this number. This is also likely a big battle.
  • 10: The Black Market
  • "Can't roll that high" (presumed to be 13): Benevolent HQ security
  •  ???: What's up with the Sea Lord
  • 1: Renyu (could be the same as the previous bullet)

[Takanata adds: We think the Sea Lord and Renyu are on the same number, based on something Kiri said. Min Feng says Renyu is a 1. I got bonus art for that, which is Horse and Wolf going on a boat trip.]

The second week we were on the Imperial mission, Lady Jin rolled a six and did that mission.

Cai Wen's older notes

Rolling a 7 causes time to go forward. The first week was a solid victory for the Arcade.

We think that there are probably changes to House Stats GreatHousesMechanic that aren't visible currently, but we observed that The House of Enticing Vintage and House of Gainful Protection both lost a point of Mil stat, and I think that's because they missed the roll. This is long-term damage.

To score a victory for the Arcade for a week: there's a threshold for success (not known, but I'm thinking about it). Best understanding: Successful Great-House military rolls were added to Arcade points from the scoreboard, and these resulted in about 26 points over the threshold. Because the total was enough to hit the threshold, we didn't have to use any extra credit points (guessing this is why they are still on the scoreboard); the ~26 extra were halved, and added to extra credit in the "7" row.

I don't yet have much insight into the consequences of the spirit battle; every time I try to think about it and figure out what it means that other spirits (other than Wolf/Magpie) have some points, I can't figure out the rules. I.e. I don't think it's as simple as "other spirits could make deals with one of them, and add their points, to win". The topic seems resistant to attempts to figure it out.