Wu Tianxu

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A renowned storyteller, he was persuaded to make a bet with Ringmaster Te in Odds and Ends, whose outcome would decide if the circus would fold its wings forever or if he would turn over his books to Ringmaster Te and speak only the truth thereafter.

It turns out that they two of them were egged into the bet by someone was was probably Lucky Chang, perhaps in a move that was possibly meant to change the name of the Butterfly Kingdom.

After making the outrageous bet, he was further persuaded by a friendly traveler (Chang) to use the First Servant's eldest daughter in a dramatic reveal in his own story, not realizing that she had been reported dead earlier (awkward!).

The circus folks figured out the reveal (and the possible disastrous deception) before it went live and sent Yue Ping off to her family early.

Once the story came out, Storyteller Wu's reception by the First Servant was quite cool and he lost the bet.

So Ringmaster Te has his books now.