Yanyu's Completed Stuff to Remember

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  • Li Merit's spouse is buried a few dozen miles northwest of the Harbor of Fortunate Arrival.
  • The Butterfly court tension at the end of the Book Three miniruns involves a Q/K people split.
  • The Tanzhe War 61 years ago that the Savannah did not get involved in was probably connected to their renaming
  • Hirosoto the Implaccable is a ninja who was recruited by Lady Wu to join the immortals because only a ninja can defeat a master not of type.
  • The Son of the Moon really needs someone sun-like. If he can't have the Daughter of the Sun, a powerful phoenix-aspected lady with spirit blood is the next best thing (but we're not throwing Min Feng under any busses).
  • Grandmother Sakota
  • The Steward of the Roof of the World has two adult sons and while he has decent motivations, convincing him of the restore the line of kings plan is going to be nigh impossible.
  • Xiangfu Yin-Xiang is about 80 years old (since he's more spirity it's not surprising he's way older than he looks), and is listed as having been born in the area near the reflected city. (Birth record is not contempory with his birth.)