Book One

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In which the party, accompanying the Circus of Silken Wings, quests for a Tincture of Pure Respite to cure His Majesty Ti Lao.

The Providence of Coincidence - In which the day dawns on many unconnected individuals, but closes on a single group united in the search for a cure for the Butterfly King.
Three Hour Tour - In which the Circus, driven before blockade and kraken and storm, lands far off-course, beyond the northern Wall, and must find its way back to the 12 Kingdoms.
Ghost Hunters - In which the Circus, having returned to the haven of the 12 Kingdoms, is visited by officials and ghosts and hunters of various types.
Alike in Dignity - In which the Circus is visited by lovers and a suspicious woman who turns out to be not bad at all, and a Party is attended.
The Price of Good Fortune - In which the Party helps a Strange and Wondrous Troupe of Players, to the annoyance of a certain sorcerous magpie.
Dream Eater - In which the Party encounters a strangely uncaring village and defeats the yumekui which has eaten their hopes and dreams.
Ship of Gold - In which the Butterfly Kingdom pays an (unfair?) Tribute to the Savanna of Tears, and the Party must thwart an attempt to substitute forgeries and cause war.
Substitutions - In which the Southrons try (and fail) to use a different pair of twins for their ritual, and Wei Han is briefly re-assigned elsewhere.
The Coil - In which the spy-prison of the Strand is ventured into, and, even more remarkably, ventured out of again.
Fire and Ice - In which the Circus meets the Summer Guardian of the South Wall as the Southrons attempt again to use Hana and Hiro for nefarious ends, and Ice Chips of Doom are first encountered.
Four Brothers - In which a mysterious plot to ... reroute the highways? is thwarted.
Whispered Secrets - In which the Queen of the Strand throws a party, and the Tincture of Pure Respite is finally obtained.
Book of Five Rings - In which a funeral proves more complicated than can be imagined, and various magic rings are put on various fingers.
Bureaucracy for Beginners - In which the Circus repulses the forces of bureaucracy in the City of Spires, and manages to not come to the notice of the Obsidian Warlord.
Night of Gates - In which the Circus is beset by Monster River Pirates, and various members thereof attend a most unusual costume ball.
The Eternal Dream - In which a war is slightly averted, sleeping monks are awakened, and a Butterfly is rescued.
Unwelcome Invitation - In which the Circus is not summoned to the Hidden City, and Hana is not kidnapped.
Monarch Butterfly - In which the Cure is presented to His Majesty, and secrets of the Spider are revealed.

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