Cartogramancer Strike

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Strike Team Report

(Note: This should be considered a Party Secret)


They successfully broke into "the Cartogramancer"'s villa in the Hidden City and penetrated to his innermost chamber. He was not in residence, although several servants and guards were present. The daughter apparently has a separate residence where she was during the time of the mission. The guards were easily avoided until the final stages. Once they broke into the map chamber the guards seemed to acquire the ability to track them around the residence making escape... difficult.

However, while two were wounded, all four team members escaped successfully.


The maps in the map room, especially the main central map of the Empire, were successfully altered. Agent Tinker believes he got approximately 9 successes (for 8s) on the subtle alterations.

Additionally, many notes regarding the Imperial Highway reconstruction project were acquired. (You get 24 successes of questions about that. Longer answer questions use up more successes.)


Unfortunately, they were unable to infiltrate and exfiltrate unobserved, given the additional time that had to be spent in the map room making changes. Mystic defenses were too high to be entirely avoided, and their countermeasures proved insufficient to prevent detection. However, they do think that they escaped with a low probability of being identified.