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The not-quite-Great Horse Spirit wants in the Cycle.

He sent dreams to folks in Ancestor Spirit and the party met him in the World Above in Touched by the Dragon.

The Very Large Horse Spirit

The party agrees to put on a huge horse race in the Savanna, once a year, on the Day of the Tiger, attracting the best horses and riders, with a nice big purse, and the Horse Spirit agrees to provide the party with a way to contact him: just go up to the black horse with one white fetlock that has taken to following Li Merit around and tell him you would like to speak with the Master.

Black horses with one white fetlock are said to be descendants of the Horse Spirit, and many are great and interesting horses. The one Li Merit rides used to belong to Machan Li; a black horse with a white fetlock was ridden by Merchant Ko in Noodles of Fu Manchu.

Later, we made there be a Thousand Li Horse for Horse in exchange for one puttering where we can go anywhere we want. The nice man with the chi rocks bought the horse, so he's a major house now.