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An apprentice Sage that the party meets in On the River.

He is working for the Cryptomancer, but Takanata talks him into leaving the Cryptomancer's service and moving to the Isle of Beauty instead, where he took work at the Archives.

He is encountered again in Information Hunt, where the mini-party endeavors to find information about the newly-sunken northern ship.

His I Ching about then was: "Poorly born, with past forsworn, the light of Reason's might reborn.

A tool now to no master sworn, his full heart many men can warn, though if he for his love must mourn, you'll find his Reason from him torn."

He has since left the Archives, traveled with the circus briefly, and is currently (as of 1/16/13) in Roof of the World looking for the name of the Spirit of the Reflected Lake.

He has a girlfriend, Hsen Kei.