Lijuan and the Night of Gates

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So, it was right before the Night of Gates, and Zhuai and I were in my Mansion trying to make a little Forest of Chin map on the dining room table out of pork buns and bok choi. Because people need to eat vegetables even if they don't taste good, so they could be trees and people would eat them to get to the pork buns. The dining room was starting to look really cool and shadowy and the soy sauce ponds were really tasty; Zhuai is the BEST husband!

We were arguing about how far it was from House Sung to the river, because I know it was a super long way and Zhuai said his map said it wasn't, and it was starting to get a little scary, and Domo started yelling.

He said someone was trying to break down the door so I got my bow and a bunch of arrows the dining room has a good line of sight on the door and a way out to the kitchen. We told everyone to go someplace safe and Ho and Boo and Kawaii and Zhuai and I waited for the door to break down and by then it was really spooky. I haven't named the Panda Bunny yet but she was hiding too. She can fight but isn't real good about fighting against the right people.

Then the door broke and this huge wave of scary monsters came through. There was a really big hairy monster with short arms and a huge mouth full of sharp teeth, and a kind of snakey monster beside it, and little rolling monsters coming through under their feet and two that looked like cats and one sort of monkey-ish demon. I shot like ten of them but even with Kawaii in the way some of them got in and then Ho and Kawaii had to come back to the dining room door and I backed up to the door to the kitchen and we killed like a dozen more because now Zhuai could help us better.

Then some got around Kawaii again and Zhuai noticed that they were all coming at me and not him or anyone else and told me to run away. And I yelled at him and Kawaii asked if she could eat him but he was right so I went to the servant's quarters to hide and maybe they'd be easier to Get if they were spread out looking for me.

So, right before you get to the servant's quarters is a closet with like brooms and buckets and rags and stuff and I sent Ho and Kawaii up into the hall to stand by the corner at the end and told them to stay there even if they didn't want to, and I went into the closet with the mops and brooms even though it smelled kind of nasty and I closed the door.

Then there was a lot of yelling and I stood very still and worried about Zhuai and everyone and eventually they spotted Kawaii 'cos she's not very good at hiding and she wasn't trying anyway, and then there was more yelling louder.

After a couple minutes or so, I'm not sure how long, there was like shouting orders and then running and then I heard Kawaii fighting so I kicked the door open really hard in case there was a guy in the way.

And he wasn't very much in the way so he got pushed down the hall behind the door and I jumped out and I'd waited until I could shoot them twice with them only getting to attack me once so the Ambush worked really good, just like you said!

And I killed like three of them and did Flying Squirrel back toward the dining room but there were a couple of bad guys who were far away when they heard the yelling and they came up behind me and it's really hard to choose between dodging and shooting and I guess I picked wrong.

And I guess you already heard the rest of it -- how I was a ghost and Bear came and my friends rescued me. But I wanted to tell you about the Ambush because you asked.