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Sakong Lu Chu is the younger sister of Sakong Yue, Shen-Ji's wife. Info about the family is on the page Sakong_family_members.

Lu Chu is a bit headstrong and independent, but is starting to show that she can handle herself. She has some reasonable outdoor-type skills and some sneaky talents, but has likely gained other talents given her more recent activities. Her aspect is Butterfly.

The party first encountered her in Cave_of_Wonders, where she had a training run set up in the cave that Kalkin (aka Sam) had been using to hide the Greater Sankara Stone of Destruction.

After that, she joined the Bearers_of_Swift_Response; the Obsidian Warlord has shown some interest in trying to use her as leverage against Shen-Ji. She is also now a priest of Kalkin, allowing him to freely travel to the Empire.