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A very complicated Southern God, of illusions?

During Stone in the Earth some of the southerners had "Maya's shield" which reflects damage. The Southern leader was unusual:

Aspect: Kali Maya
Specialty: High Priest
Best skill: Illusion Crafting
Highest Shtick: (level 6) It's totally okay that I'm in two churches, that's perfectly fine.

In Traveling with the Butterfly Prince's Servant Iala Mane is confused by this.

the leader of the bad guys was... a priest of both Kali and Maya? Iala Mane is very confused by that - what business does Maya have with Kali? And how could there be a priest of both?

The priests trying to obtain the Stone of Agni in Whispered Secrets II wore holy symbols that identified them as priests of Maya.

In Cave of Wonders the party encounters southern priests in yellow, white, and black robes in a big mess surrounding the Sankara Stone of Destruction. The white priests (Kalkin) are defending the stone, the black priests (Kali) are attacking them, apparently directed by the yellow priests (Maya).

In Silence is Crimson a group of Maya priests disguised as locals try to assassinate the Sea Lord.

Once the bodies are searched, there is a sword, a list of Brotherhood members and possible recruits, a bottle of wine, a mask, and a silver holy symbol of Maya. The holy symbol is communication-related, Shen-Ji thinks, but he's not sure if it's active. The mask and the holy symbol are both Light, and the wine is Dark.

In Rule of Threes a group of Kali/Maya priests are doing a ritual as part of the naval incursion.

In The King in Yellow priests of Kali and Maya are involved in a sign of Toro.

In The Whale Sage Cai-Wen is still blinded from a previous encounter with a priest of Maya.

In Tripartite III the party frees the previous high priest of Maya from Kali's fortress.

Takanata has found a cell that's double-locked, and gets it open. Inside he finds the previous high priest of Maya, and tells the man to run for it. He does, as does the party.