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A place to centralize links to these things.


The North

North of the Wall there exists a land of nomadic tribesmen. The language spoken there is Torghut.

  • Tribes and Clans we know of
    • The Happy Tribe
    • The Bloodspear Tribe
    • The Purple Hill Clan
    • The Blue Stone Clan
    • The Stormshock Clan
    • Borjigin - the clan of the Great Khan

The South

"Things digress a bit more - are there countries to the south? No, just the eternal sea."

The East

From Worlds and Oceans, our first encounter with the lands of the East:

The ship travels for a while, and then arrives at a dark green coastline. Renyu says that it would be inappropriate to set foot on it at this time, because it would be very difficult to get them back again in time. The ship sails down the coastline, and there are triangular huts, like round yurts, in view, and mountains in the background. Some inhabitants, with redder skin than the Empire natives, are fishing along the shore. Renyu says that this is one of the other lands - they have spent all their lives in the land that the Dragon seized, but there are others. Grasshopper wonders who made this particular land. Renyu admits that who truly made these things is not something he knows - similar to the question of who made the land on which the Empire sites.

Takanata looks at the coast with the Eyes of the I Ching. He can see that the little coastal villages has a bunch of tepees, but the village itself is also, in the chi, one large tepee. And on the top of the large tepee perches a large black bird. Takanata isn't very familiar with birds, so he's sure it's not a magpie, but he doesn't recognize it. The bird eyes him carefully. Xian asks if this is far to the South (since the Southrons are also darker and redder than the people of the Empire), but Renyu says no, it is far far to the East.

Takanata wonders why there is not an Eastern Guardian, but Renyu says that questions are for later (and technically Takanata doesn't get one). Grasshopper asks if they can wait for the moon to rise - he wants to see what it looks like here - and Renyu agrees. The ship sails south for a while, and then north again, and the moon rises. The moon looks slightly different - in the Empire, it has patterns which suggest a woman and a rabbit, while here, the shapes are the same, but the patterns they make seem different. Then, there's a great howling, and a big... dog? is running out over the water, to Takanata's Eyes of the I Ching. Takanata isn't worried initially - it's a dog, and Dog is generally friendly.

He realizes, as it gets closer that it isn't a dog. The moon shifts, and a moonbeam shines on Captain Xie, and he tells the ship's crew to turn about, and the Moon's First Daughter pulls away from the spirit chasing them. The dog-thing sniffs deeply after the ship as it goes, and turns back to the shore, grinning.

  • Coyote has stated that the East has Too Many Bears.
  • Coyote Notes
  • Coyote Briefing:
Kiri shows up and apologizes for the extreme delay. Apparently, Renyu was supposed to deliver this a while ago, but he's tied up with the Sea Lord at the moment, so she's been asked by Whale to deliver it for them.
The long lost coyote briefing from Whale:
Coyote is a trickster spirit. Very much like Monkey. He's got a fair amount of punishing the vain and serious, but also much more identity confusion. He's often impersonating others, or getting others to impersonate each other, etc. Monkey tends towards a more physical comedy, Coyote is much more situational.
He's here in the Empire because he's temporarily in hiding from his own lands and realms. Whale doesn't really understand the details, but apparently Raven and Thunderbird are having a bit of a row between them, and it's Coyote's fault. The Blue Stone Bear is searching him out, and if he finds him, will drag Coyote back before the others and put the whole matter to bed. So, he's laying low.
But, he bores easily, so he's having fun in the Empire while things boil over at home. Monkey is using him, Fox is chastising him, Spider hasn't seen him, and Butterfly betrayed him. From Whale's point of view, he fits in well with all of them...

The West

  • 'The Light: A faction from the West, who have "infiltrated" the Empire. They seem to be focused around Chaos/Freedom and have had schticks involving the breaking of rules. They have names that are weird and difficult to pronounce, and make unusual word choices when speaking, using synonyms to change the connotations of things.
We know of some conflict on board the Unconstrained, and a mutiny.
As usual, Ambassador Serafina of the Island and Prelate Gomez were wrangling at the time of the disaster. Once more, the Ambassador was expressing the futility of worshipping dead gods, while the prelate was expressing distaste at the ambassador's attitude towards men. The argument was cut short when Crane attacked.
When looking at the primal map of the world that was apparently the Sun's we noticed a giant volcano roughly where Greece would be on a map which matches the images from the Unconstrained.
    • NPCs from the Light:
    • Runs of interest
    • Magic
      • There was chaotic beast mastery and chaotic necromancy associated with the Unconstrained. They may merely have added "chaotic" to whatever was already there.
  • The Dark: A faction from the from "the western desert beyond the strait", of whom we have met only one representative (that we know of). They appear to be focused around Law/Order and Sima seems to have schticks about enforcing laws.

The Primal Map of the World

After killing the Ifrit we investigated a small room inside the cliff face that Takanata found. It contained a map of the entire world, which was super magical in a way that Shen-Ji referred to as Primal. Pure undifferentiated magic. It was difficult to grasp the whole of by observing it. Takanata saw visions of the Sun here a long time ago.

Things that were noted:

  • The general shapes and locations of continents are like Earth.
  • There are a large number of islands down to the southeast. Lots.
  • There is a large landmass off to the southwest.
  • There is a big volcano where Greece would have been.

Kuan-Xi used her naval cartography to draw a map of the world's oceans, but had trouble getting the land masses in any detail. We can probably sail to the land East of us pretty easily now, and possibly investigate the islands.