Shen-Ji's Guide to Sorcerous Power

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Here's my basic guide for how to get a decent set of attacks using sorcery. The defensive side isn't as easily codified, but you seem to already have that covered.


  • 1) Get a single target attack spell at frequency 5 (once per action).
  • 2) Get one or more dice adders (+3 or +5 dice to sorcery) at frequency 5. You can't more than double dice normally, so not much reason to get too many copies.
  • 3) Get one or two copies of -1 difficulty to sorcery (or one copy of -2) at frequency 5. Difficulties cannot go below 5, so no reason to get more unless you think you'll be getting a lot or range penalties (> range 8).

Once you have these, you'll have a pretty strong single target attack each action, rolling 10-20 dice for 5's or 6's, depending on your stats and how many copies of schticks you get. You won't be able to split your dice yet, however, which is what the next steps let you do effectively.

  • 4) Buy a double sorcery dice schtick at frequency 4. You could technically get a freq 5 version, but you'd have to spend a yang each time to power it, so it rapidly becomes untenable. Stick with freq 4.
  • 5) Buy a split sorcery dice N ways stick at freq 4. Again, GM's generally don't want the frequency to go higher.
  • 6) Raise the frequency of your primary attack to 6.

At this point, with a Yang of 10, you'll be able to attack up to 20 people once per turn with 1 die each.

  • 7) Raise the frequency of your dice adder schticks to 6.

With two +3 adders at freq 6, you can now attack up to 20 people with 7 dice each.

  • 8) Finally, raise the frequency of your difficulty reducer schtick(s) to 6.

With two -1 mods, now you can attack up to 20 people with 7 dice each, rolling for 5's. Now you rule the universe. :)

Note that you can vary the order of buying several of the schticks above, depending on availability of sources, what intermediate power levels you're OK with, etc.

Some other notes:

  • 1) I've found wall spells to be very powerful. GM's have limited the frequency of those to 4 max.
  • 2) Dodge with Yin is really useful for casters. You still use normal Dodge skill (5 pts) with it.
  • 3) You may want to buy an area effect damage spell as we'll at some point like my Firestorm. It's useful when targets are very numerous and also too spread out to hit with individual attacks. However those often have side effects you have to be careful about and can be hard to use if there are friendly targets spread among the enemies. The above schtick sequence lets you target individuals so you don't need to worry about collateral damage.

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