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So in order, that appears to be:

1) The Alchemist, not very interesting 2) The Cartogramancer, which we kinda knew about, but not the death of the hand part 3) Tai Lung, exciting but hopefully not major-plot-relevant? 4) The Warlord's Assault on the South Starting 5) Stupid Li the Stupid Wanderer - in the land of secrets, no less! 6&7) Lucky Chang - hopefully unable to get any traction, because his plan was super-defeated by the Immortal Prince? - Tom, do you have a plan for the Pagoda? Now Min Feng's an Advisor to Lord Yu, can we work something to protect the Pagoda through her? 8) The Bureaucrat - do we think that "Hidden City" is still in the running, or is there a different Seventh Thought we're missing? 9) The Prince - and the cavalry appears to have been co-opted for part of the Warlord's plan. (That might have been what Stupid Li the Stupid Wanderer was about, too?)