Yang Tsi-Ya and the Hail of Arrows

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Yang Tsi-Ya was bodyguarding a merchant from the House of Judicious Increase when they were ambushed in a Terrible Ambush by United Tongs -- the League of the Hidden the Hand and the Circle of Spite. As the first arrow flew toward their little party, she dodged to intercept it! And the second arrow, and the third. Through all that rain of arrows, her charge rode unscathed. Riding for her life, she struck against her foes; the first fell, and a second! Onward she rode, intercepting arrows, seeking sanctuary.

On the horizon, the tents of a circus appeared. Bleeding from her many wounds, she directed her charge toward this sanctuary. With the last of her strength, she brought her charge to safety and sanctuary, then slumped over the saddle of her horse.