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Relevant Party Bargains in effect

  • Bargain (Xiao Fa) with Precious Jade
    • The offer is "if you're willing to make "Precious Jade is First Imperial Concubine" part of your Dragon plan, then she's willing to make "Xiao Fa is Emperor" part of her Precious Jade plan."
  • Bargain (Shen-Ji) with Precious Jade
    • Shen-Ji's daughter Jia-Jia was to spend the winter of the previous Year of the Magpie in Butterfly Meadows, and the following summer with Precious Jade in the Dragon's Throne. The bargain does not explicitly extend past that but Jia-Jia is still in the Dragon's Throne at present.
  • Bargain with House of Judicious Increase (The_Benevolent_Fist_of_Xiao_Fa)
    • They can arrange for 0.25 towards "Support of the Nobility" after a series of parties that Xiao Fa would attend, in exchange for a promise that after he becomes Emperor, the House of Judicious Increase would run the Imperial Mint.
    • The "standard non-smite agreement" is the most problematic of the clauses - it means that Xiao Fa and the House of Exuberant Interference (members and obvious proxies) can't deliberately thwart the House of Judicious Increase, or vice versa. This doesn't mean that before fending off bandits one needs to carefully determine if any of them are HJI members, but it does mean that people in HJI livery (or who are otherwise obviously HJI members) are doing something that the party would normally find thwartworthy, they can't just leap in.
  • Bargain with the House of Gainful Protection (The_Benevolent_Fist_of_Xiao_Fa)
    • The HEI bought out Cao Cao's contract
    • The HEI supplied +2 Mil for suppressing bandits in the Tanzhe (down to 1 mil now due to HGP losses)
  • Bargain with Lady Jin
    • Zoom puttering: we have said we will make Lady Jin queen in exchange for the Arcade's support for Xiao-Fa.
  • Bargain with Horse for the Tanzhe (The_Benevolent_Fist_of_Xiao_Fa)
    • Horse will help them to the extent that they desire and permit to invade the Tanzhe, and will change Visitor 8 to Visitor 3 so they can talk to the House of Benevolent Oversight.
    • When Horse is doing the ritual to get into the Cycle, he has permission to move the Tanzhe as long as he also has the Jasmine's permission.
  • Bargain with Horse for Mystique (The_Benevolent_Fist_of_Xiao_Fa)
    • Horse will relinquish the perpetual vow of fealty that she is bound by.
    • Cai Wen will carry out two tag-sized favors for Horse, provide a handsome salary and a place to live for the Lady in Black, and subcontract most of her time to Horse until the end of the Great Cycle.
  • Bargain (Takanata) with Horse (TakanataAndHorse)
    • "You have provided me with information about Coyote, for which I owe you one of the 'switcheroos'.
    • "I have promised you a piece of prophetic art related to your entry into the cycle, in exchange for which you will triple any karma spent on the switcheroo or the art.
    • "I have agreed to come meet you at a time and place you indicate, and use my arts to determine, to the best of my ability, whether the entity you identify as Wolf truly is Wolf, in exchange for which you will provide one evacuation for me and up to 11 more of my friends, and one reasonable complete answer to a question about Great Spirit politics, to the extent of your knowledge and freedom to answer under other obligations.
  • Bargain (Lijuan) with Serafina (Vice Mayor)
    • Lijuan offers to take the Light’s agent Lucinda into House Foon in exchange for Serafina's surrender on the vice-mayor issue.
  • Bargain with Lucky Chang (Testing, One Two Three)
    • Xiao Fa and Lucky Chang agree to team up to take out the Bureaucrat. They'll both think about plans, and then come back to work out the final arrangements, and there will be a cease-fire in the meantime.
    • No doing damage to each other intentionally (except in self-defense), or to each other's guys because they're the other team. Reasonable spying is allowed.
  • Agreement with Su-yin (Night of Setag)
    • Takanata holds the Butterfly Talisman, and promises not to go to Tsai Su-Yin's wedding unless invited. It thumps.
  • Agreement with Wolf (puttering)
    • In exchange for curing Shen-Ji's sanity problems, Takanata, Cai Wen, and Shen-Ji have agreed that when the time comes to adjust the cycle, they speak to Wolf and Horse first.
  • Agreement with the Alchemist (puttering after Revelations)
    • The Alchemist has agreed to inform Takanata of anything he learns regarding Toro, in exchange for Takanata agreeing that the party will keep the fact that the Alchemist intends to seal Aku into Spider's skin a secret.
  • Agreement with the Spirit of the Reflected Lake (Return of the King)
    • Yanyu has sold her family (including the bloodline of the Moon) into the service of the Lake to see that the promised 'judgement of the Lake' ritual is done.
  • Agreement with the Forest of Chin (Some minirun in the Before Times)
    • Lijuan bound the party to an agreement not to change the nature of the Forest of Chin. Or something like that.