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[[File:Authoritycommand.png|thumb|100px|Authority Command]]
[[File:Authoritycommand.png|thumb|100px|Authority Command]]
<gallery heights=300px widths=300px>
Bian_Li_Ming.jpg|Bian Li Ming
Bian-Meiling.jpg|Bian Meiling

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"Guow Takai, the Frank Gehry of Spires"

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thing thing thing [1] more things things things


Element Sorcerer
Wood Ebon Brush
Water Shen Gao
Fire Qili Hu
Earth Eternal Redoubt
Metal Orefinder Lieren
Metal Yang Shen-Ji
  1. is this a footnote

Nominal score Actual score
2 for 7 0 for 7

Phase I Phase II Phase III
N/A A___ A___
+11 B___ B___
C___ C___
Shopping List
Bread & Butter Pie Buns Danish Croissant
Cheese Ice cream Butter Yogurt
Authority Command