Long Arm Dojo

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An exotic weapons dojo in Stone Drum


Level 1 shticks:

  • Long Arm Move: 1/run, I can climb to the top of something using kusarigama/whip to pull myself up. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • My Weapon Knows Me: 1/run, I may spend a Yin to take half damage to an attack from a weapon I have mastered. Freq 1, Power 4.
  • Sai Pin: 1/run, I can roll for 9s to pin a foe's arm or leg to something convenient; behaves like a grab, but I don't need to maintain it. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Swords are Blase: +1 to dexterity dodging/parrying a sword. Freq 6, Power 1.
  • Weapon Pride: My weapons are always clean and in good condition, no matter what. Freq 5, Power 1.

Level 2 shticks:

  • Block Disarm: I cannot be disarmed of the weapon I am using. Freq 6, Power 2.
  • Disarm: 1/combat, disarm and cast away a weapon my opponent is holding. Freq 3, Power 4.
  • Long Arm: 1/turn, I can spend a Yang to use my kusarigama or whip with the effect of a ranged attack (no strength damage, range penalties). Does not grab. Freq 3, Power 3.
  • Yoink Disarmed: 1/combat, I can pick up a fallen weapon that is within kusarigama range. Freq 3, Power 4.

Level 3 shticks:

  • Chain Whirl: 1/turn, may spend a Yang to split my dice evenly between all attackers in kusarigama range. Freq 3, Power 6.
  • Disarming Block: 1/turn if I successfully parry your incoming weapon attack with my sai, I have your weapon. Freq 4, Power 4.
  • Eye Whip: I can flick your eyes with my whip (roll for 9s), blinding you for the next sqrt(successes) actions. Freq 6, Power 3.

Level 4 shticks:

  • Master of the Chain: +5 to accuracy for a kusarigama strike / grab . Freq 6, Power 4.
  • Master of the Sai: +5 to accuracy for a sai attack / pin . Freq 6, Power 4.
  • Master of the Whip: +5 to accuracy for a whip strike or grab. Freq 6, Power 4.
  • Master of the Parry: +5 to dexterity for a kusarigama / sai parry. Freq 6, Power 4.

Level 5 shticks:

  • These Hexes Are Mine: Extra die pool to strike with the kusarigama each person who comes within 2 hexes of me for the first time. Freq 6, Power 5.