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City of Spires

The urchins here live in the Southeast quarter (which is not where the circus stays). The majordomo who was love potioned to Song Min Feng's stepmother has been very kind to them and gave them his house there.

Gate of Shen

The Gate of Shen has complicated trading rules due to Kinoze/Ezokin using it as some sort of magic money factory. The urchins in this town are wealthier than usual because they earn tips by advising traders on the traditions/rules of the town.

Port of Propitious Voyage

The urchins shelter in the Rat's Nest -- an abandoned building behind the Five Virtues tea house (partly owned by the party). Fin, their leader, has a key to the back door of a local bakery and uses it to provide the urchins with pork buns. These urchins seem more inclined to thievery and protection rackets than others in the Empire. Lijuan sent some of them off at the chapter 3 scroll end to become stable boys for the Butterfly Cavalry.

It's not clear whether the bakery owners consent to Fin's depredations, although it's likely they've noticed their inventory is reduced overnight. Lijuan has suggested to Zhu Cai Wen that he supply the tea house from this bakery.

After Lijuan's wedding, Bobby Li and the Best Demon riding him gained influence in the Port. Before Bobby Li's aspect was sundered by Wolf, the House of Gainful Protection had allied with him in an attempt to become the Best Great House. As part of this plan, urchins were fed pork buns for breakfast every day. Lijuan has been trying to figure out how to compensate the urchins for their loss of this support.

Xian put the whammy on a local miller(?), so the urchins in this town should be well supplied in gruel.

The Harbor of Fortunate Arrival

One group of street children in the Harbor of Fortunate Arrival is led by Tai, a bossy, irrepressible girl. They have a few houses that will give them food, so they are doing all right now, although it isn't clear they'll continue to do so well when they get older and less cute and innocent.

The kids here may remember Xiao Fa for his storytelling, or Lijuan for the party she threw with one li's worth of Imperial Army rations. They remember Shuyan and Yang as capturers of kids.

They run messages by passing them from urchin to urchin until the message gets to where it needs to go.

Some urchins had invaded Master Tranh's garden, exploiting his chi mastery to make lucky stones. This was polluting the chi of the garden, so they have been told not to mess with the chi magician's things.

Disgusted by the urchins' inability to deliver a message to Xiao Fa, Grasshopper teaches one of them gather information.

We have a plan to employ them as couriers for the House of Exuberant Interference.

NOTE: Bobby Li is posessed by the demon of Excellence (or something) and is here and is Lijuan's chief rival for emperor of children. He's leading a group of irregular messengers, who compete for messenger contracts via dance-off. (?!?)

Other Kids in Tai's Gang

  • Tao-Fen, aka "Tuffa"

City of Light

The street kids here get handouts from well-to-do kitchens; some of them have a small business selling crayfish bruschetta for lunches. Lijuan has taught them some martial arts (with the aid of Master Zhou) and some cycle animal riddles.

The City of Light is also the location of the House of the Hopeful Dawn orphanage.

Harmonious Endeavor

The urchins here are helpful; Lijuan has taught them a football-like game played in teams.

Tranquil Endurance

There were two amateur street gangs, the Dark Blades (now the Secret Swords) and the Thorny Peacocks. The Blades were not a very good gang, and the Peacocks were basically just kids pretending to be a gang.

Butterfly Kingdom

In Zen Sinker Tour when Lijuan asked her street urchin friends about the supposedly cursed ship(s), they told her that "you can't get cursed if you stay awake".

Port of Auspicious Voyage

The street kids here commonly do odd jobs for coins. One shishkebab of meat (appetizers for a group) costs one zhu.

In the run after Phoenix Hearth, we freed a bunch of healers-in-training for the Hidden Hand. Some of those kids escaped to become street kids, and Lijuan and Yoshi encouraged the citizens to provide handouts in an attempt to cover the increase in demand. Some of these kids later healed Kuan Xi after her escape from her betrothed.

This is the city in which Zhu Cai Wen is attacked by ninja.


Pretty much nobody goes *hungry* in the Savanna, which is full of rice. But rice alone is boring, so buying lunch for kids is more about getting them meat or other nummy and different foods.

Hidden City

Grasshopper founded a secret dojo of archer urchins in the Pewter district. They had been lurking about Copper, so can fairly reliably get 10 successes in stealth or hiding.

Forest of Chin

Dirty Chin seems like an extra clever urchin.

Phoenix Island

Seven brought Song Min Feng to the secret meeting before the big combat between the commoners and the world above (or something). Seven’s older sister is blossom.