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Notes for shticks either bought or considered by Xiao Fa. Here are rules on Shticks and some Sample Power Ratings.


On 'Pass Without Disturbance' and 'Shape Chi'

It is *safest* to have them both at four: Pass Without Disturbance at 4 lets you make multiple stealth rolls. Shape Chi at 4 lets you sneak through something with more than one "area of chi" (i.e. crossing the watchful river, then going through the watchful sand garden). Shaping one area wouldn't affect the chi of another.

(On the other hand, if crossing the river was particularly complicated and time-consuming, then the sand garden would probably be a new scene...)

Both of these have now been bought to Frequency 4.

On Feng Shui Shticks

Master Tranh has a power 4 shtick in determining the key change needed to attract a particular spirit that you have some sort of connection to/with. At Freq 2 (once a run) that's level 2 and 8 Eps. He also has a power 5 shtick in warding an area against a particular type of spirit. At Freq 2, that's also level 2. 10 Eps.

Wow, this is suddenly a super-enticing pair of shticks!

On Personal Chi Shticks

Master Kwan and Shien have (and this one thinks Master Tenzin had) the ability to construct a directed meditation/ritual for a particular purpose. That is worth finding out about.

What Do You Need? You can design a healing/meditation/chi adjustment for complicated conditions. It will generally involve homework or time or ingredients. Power 8

Chi Blast

Ranged Chi Ball attack: Roll Yang, damage x1, resisted by Yin (Tao 0 people are not immune)= Power 4
Ranged Chi Ball attack: Roll Yang, damage x4, resisted by Yin (Tao 0 people are not immune)= Power 7

  • Damage x1 = +1 etc
  • Range = +1
  • Other Attack Form (Yang based Chi-blast) = +1
  • Resisted by yin = +0 if Tao 0 people are immune, or +1 if they are not

Chi Defenses

Limited Chi defense: Power 4 (~half damage or add resistance)
Broader Chi Defense: Power 7

Imperial Shticks

From Dragon. All are Minor Concept (so x1.5).

  • Level 1 shtick: (must be bought first): Imperial: I can buy Imperial Shticks. (unteachable). Freq 2, Power 3. Bought
  • Level 2 shtick: Imperial Presence: I can bypass all scheduling mechanics to visit Imperial Regents. Freq 2, Power 6.
  • Level 3 shtick: Imperial Command: Imperial Soldiers (non-coms) will instinctively obey. Freq 3, Power 5. Bought
  • Level 4 shtick: Imperial Smile: x2 Charisma or Status for a private 1-on-1 conversation. Freq 3, Power 7.
  • Level 5 shtick: Imperial Eye: I can instantly determine the relevance of something to the Imperial Succession. Freq 5, Power 5.
  • Level 6 shtick: Imperial Stature: I never have lower than the second highest status in the room. Freq 6, Power 6.
  • Level 7 shtick: Imperial Identity: The Imperial Identity is sacrosanct. (Immune to bureaucratic nightmares.). Freq 6, Power 7.

Other Shtick Questions

Shticks to Consider

  • ?Essence Absorbing Stance?: Draw sustenance/life/hit points from the surrounding Chi. Like the dying master ??? did. P:?
  • Walk of 1000 Steps: Similar, but geomancy-based? only in contact with bare or natural ground. regen HP each hex moved along ground?
  • Either of the above can probably done by creating a new healing form at 1xdie.
  • Clothed in Life: Draw the Chi around you into a visible mantle of energy. Acts as a pool of successes that can be added to a variety of actions: defense, attack, chi-based abilities. If Essence-absorbing stance is also known, can be used to turn a success into ?N? hp healing.

Now these are just some friendly suggestions from a friend who wants to look out for you, but I think you really should consider the following:

  • Bow Down Before Me!: Target(s) much acknowledge you as the rightful Emperor of the Dragon Empire and cannot act against you while in your presence.
  • Now, Only At The End, Do You Understand: Purple Chi lightning.
  • Silence, Fool!: Target(s) cannot speak for sqrt(Chi successes) actions.
  • Kiss My Frozen Imperial Butt Cheek: Target(s) must spend their next sqrt(Status successes) actions groveling in an appropriate manner

Plus, there is the ritual/working of "Channeling the Chi of the Empire Into My Pants", which grants you +(Chi successes) of successes in any maneuver involving the Imperial Consort(s) or Imperial Concubine(s).

Just think about it.... :)


Likely to Get

Healing Wave: Power 6 (x3, Explosion), Self-taught, major

The Sovereign Among His People: You may change your aspect to disguise yourself with the aspect of one other cycle spirit. (It's a disguise in that people will detect you as it, and their shticks might work on you as it, but the underlying reality doesn't change. You can't spend XP as if you were it, etc. Your place in the World After won't change, etc.) Power 6; you can buy it at a high frequency, but no being more than one other aspect in any given scene.

Produce Working: Produce a working to change the name of a country after Polling its Chi and doing the resulting Homework. Power 8

Positive Karma: I take 1 pt of healing (up to my maximum healing number) for every die of healing I do to someone else. Power 4. Self-taught, major.

Negative Karma: Attackers take 1 pt of damage, through armor, for each die of damage they do me. Power 4. Self-taught, major.

Silver Dragons Yang Team: Power 10.

Silver Dragons Yin Team: Power 8 or 9.

Not for Now

Healer of Note: Power 3, Freq 3 (4 to do multiple people a night). You now heal people under your care at +1xHealth per night. If you are a healer, you now heal as if you were a healing house. Will probably buy at P:3, F:4 (12 pts, L2), from Master Kwan.

Strength of My Own Convictions: Once a run, get a hint as to whether I am about to betray one of my own guiding principles. Power 3. Self-taught, major. Dragon's Guidance?


Long-Arm Chi: Grant Ranged to one of my Chi Healing shticks of power N or lower. (Level 2, P:5 (for Power 3 or lower effects), F:2, 10 pts.) Can't grow to more than Frequency 4. Mastery shtick.

Re-visualize Chi: Temporarily rewrite a chi-based shtick in a minor way, P:10, F:2, 20 pts.) Mastery shtick.

Poll Chi: Poll the local chi to receive a general chi-based Lay of the Land. Several uses in different areas will provide explicit homework to find out more about what is going on, what is 'right' and what is 'wrong.' P:5. F:2. Self-Taught, non-mastery, 20 pts, Level 2.

Dragon's Discernment: Spend 10 minutes with it and understand the underlying symbolic significance of some item/action/person. Power 5. Buy 3 pt Symbology to use with it when GMs want to know how well you did.

Speak with Dragon: Power 5.

Analyze Chi: Get a Yin roll to get information about an incoming Sorcery/Chi/Fu effect: What it does and how much damage/die it is doing. Power 3 as a sense mode, Power 4 to also be an interrupt in-combat.

Chi Riposte: Any Chi, Sorcery, or Fu effect can be channeled/redirected away from the target. Only successes on the Yin roll can be rolled to redirect. Non-redirected effect is suffered by the target. About Power 5. Progression makes sense to be Barrier, then Riposte, then Blast.

Imperial: I can buy Imperial Shticks. (unteachable). Freq 2, Power 3.

Imperial Command: Imperial Soldiers (non-coms) will instinctively obey. Freq 3, Power 5.

Shtick Progression Plan

Shticks to buy:

  • Level 4, Imperial Smile, P:7, F:3, x1.5 minor=31 pts.
  • Level 5, Unimpressed, P:6, F:5, minor, probably? 45 points?
  • Level 1, Sovereign Among His People, P:6, F:1, x2 self taught=12 pts.
  • Level 2, Imperial Presence, P:6, F:2, x1.5 minor=18 pts.