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Lady An Ming is the third wife of High Warlord Ze, the ruler of the Forest of Chin, encountered in Boys' Night Out. She is also a master ninja, and, in gratitude to the party's assistance in the matter of Lady Lin Lin, has been willing to teach Kasumi some ninja shticks, upon her promise to not take arms or raise hand against the High Warlord or his people.

Some shticks that she has:


Level 1 shticks:

  • Nightstalker: 1/scene, spend a Chi to ignore a full night's worth of no sleep with no penalty. Freq 2, Power 3.

Level 2 shticks:

  • Quick-tie: 1/combat, I can turn this grappled person into a tied-up person (with the same number of successes in being tied up). Freq 3, Power 4.

Level 3 shticks:

Level 4 shticks:

Level 5 shticks:

  • Dodge like the Wind: I always have a spare die pool to dodge. Freq 6, Power 5.
  • Chop like the Wind: One extra katana strike per action. Freq 5, Power 5.