Deals with Horse, Or Making an Awesome Carriage More Awesome

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A Carriage, eh? Well, you're in luck, Carriages are my specialty. I'll tell you what, since you're behind the curve, I'll give you a spend four get a fifth free bonus! That's four points gets you five! But only if you spend all eight of the Horse Points you have. Do that, and I'll give you 10 point of shticks. Anything less, and I'm afraid I'll have to charge you full price. Oh, and feel free to buy points from your friends too, if you want more than 10 points of stuff. the bonus applies to anything over your original eight. Twelve gets you 15!

Here are some options:

Detailed Knowledge: I always know precisely where my Little Carriage is. (Cost: 2)

Knowledge: I always know generally where my Little Carriage is. (Cost:1)

Expanded Puttering Range: Can putter in one extra range bracket, 1/period. (Cost: 1)

Unlimited Puttering Range: I can putter anywhere in the Empire that a Carriage can reasonably get to, 1/period. (Cost: 3)

Puttering Madness: I putter where I want, when I want. (Inside the Empire.) (Cost: 5)

Walls? What Walls?: I SAID, "I putter where I want, when I want." (Cost: 9)

Enhanced Cabin: I can take an extra person with me on enhanced puttering adventures. Can be bought multiple times. (Generally, the carriage holds four comfortably, but this is only for regular travel, not puttering. Puttering is just you.) (Cost: 1)

Comfort on Wheels: Double healing rates while recouperating in this fabulous Carriage. (Cost: 2)

Defended: The Carriage can generally takes care of itself from thieves, vandals, etc. (Cost: 2)

Bigger on the Inside: Actually, Eight People fit pretty comfortably for regular travel. (Cost: 2)

Hidden Safe: It includes a little nigh-invulnerable, practically-imperceptable storage space for secure valuable storage. Even people who get inside and search it shouldn't find the hidden box. (Cost: 2)

Fortress: While in the Carriage, I'm pretty much invulnerable to damage causing effects from the outside. (Cost: 4)

Scry-proof: No one can scry/predict/intuit/overhear what goes on inside my carriage from the outside. (Cost: 4)

Driverless: The Carriage doesn't need a driver outside any more. Though it still won't go anywhere without a "passenger" inside making the KS:Destination roll. (Cost: 2)

Fortuitous Arrival: My carriage is parked in that stable house right over there. Works in any Empire Town, no matter how you got there yourself. (Cost: 3)

Boundless Energy: The Carriage recharge time no longer applies. (Cost: 3)

Night Passage: The Carriage is protected form being seen while in transit, even by powerful spirits! (Mostly) (Cost: 2)

Fabulous Exterior: My Carriage looks perfect for the setting. (Not camouflage, just good exterior design.) (Cost: 1)

Turbo!: Double the horses pulling it, and it gets there much faster. (Rather than an hour or two, it can arrive in 10 minutes or less!) (Cost: 2)

Note: If other people try to bargain for shticks similar to these, using their own horse points, for instance, they will probably be quoted higher prices, as they don't have a Fabulous Artifact Level Horse Drawn Carriage to start with.

Normal Operation: In general, the Carriage can get anywhere in the Empire in one to several hours, depending upon the skill roll of the driver. It requires two horses to pull it. If, for instance, someone kills the horses, it's not going anywhere. The Driver uses KS: Destination skill, and sits outside. You tend to hire temporary guides and such to drive the carriage, as repeated driving makes someone a little not right... Luckily, you're fairly generous and persuasive, so people will generally get you a driver in most town sized places. Once the carriage arrives somewhere, it can not go anywhere else at any more than normal carriage speeds until it recharges. The amount of time it takes to recharge is generally equal to how long it would have taken to get there normally. It *can* go over ocean, to get you to the Isle of Beauty for instance, but this plays havoc with the recharge time and is what caused Whale to kidnap you once before. The carriage holds four people confortably for travel, but you have a hard time getting a whole party worth of people (7-8) into it, so it doesn't just tend to move the runs around.

Kuan Xi goes to talk to Horse again.

"Honorable Horse Spirit, I have considered your generous offer and
would like to trade horse points for carriage upgrades." 

I have the following points collected:
  • Me 8
  • Min Feng 4
  • Cai Wen 3
  • Kasumi 1
  • Xiao Fa 1
  • Giving 17, or 21 after the 5 for 4 deal.
This is what I'd like:
  • Puttering Madness 5
  • Enhanced Cabin (twice) 2
  • Defended 2
  • Scry-proof 4
  • Driverless 2
  • Boundless Energy 3
  • Bigger on the Inside 2
  • Knowledge 1
Thank you!

Horse replies, "Assuming that they all agreed, it is a deal! Nice doing business with you!"

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