Detection of Beastmastery

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A Ritual to Seek Targets of Beastmastery


Themes and Narrative:

  • In this ritual an Imperial Artist will create a paper crane that, when burned, reveals the presence of Beastmastery by sending the smoke towards the one so influenced.
  • Throughout the ritual a second person, playing the part of a Northern Beastmaster, will attempt to interfere and be thwarted by the Artist.
  • The theme revolves around hidden control by Northerners and seeking of that control by the Empire.
  • The Spirits of the countries bordering the wall are symbolically included.
  • The ritual is best conducted at night in a military tent set up as a study.

Required Materials:

  • Several sheets of paper
  • Brushes & pens
  • Ink & inkwell
  • Several cheap artistic implements/brushes made of carved bone?
  • Monocle, shiny, made of valuable materials (can be reused)
  • Bowl with water in it
  • A bloodhound
  • Several boxes with metal latches
    • One should be made of multiple types of metal
    • The others (decoys) should all be one type of metal, but different, ex. Footlocker, jewelry box, etc. each containing a symbolic animal.
  • Etching compound
  • A beeswax candle with dragon carvings on it.

Required Rolls:

The following rolls must be made by the Artist, for five successes each:

  • Int with Fend Shui (Invoking the Yang)
  • Yang with Magic Ritual
  • Wits with Perception (Invoking the Yin)
  • Yin with Magic Ritual
  • Dex with Calligraphy (Creation with Earth)
  • Charisma with Animal Handling (Control of Water)
  • Dex with Painting (Destruction of Metal)
  • Dex with Origami (Transformation of Wood)
  • Resolve with Strong Will (Sacrifice)

The Ritual:

Invoking the Tao The Artist sets out the ritual implements on his desk using Feng Shui and Magic Ritual. The Northerner sneaks in and adds implements that are like the ones to be used, but made of carved bone and “northern”. The Artist then uses his Monocle with Perception and Magic Ritual to determine the correct implements and get rid of the fakes.

Invoking the Elements:

The Northerner places animal grease subtly on one of the pieces of paper. The Artist throws out the soiled paper and uses Calligraphy to place a Bear symbol on one of the clean pieces. The Bloodhound sees the Northerner and barks at him. The Artist then uses Animal Handling to get the Dog to place a wet pawprint on the paper. The Northerner steals the paper and hides it in the appropriate box. The Artist finds the correct box and uses Painting with etching compound to eat through and destroy its latch, retrieving the paper. He then folds the paper into an Origami Crane.


To finalize the ritual the crane should be cupped in one hand and brought near the candle flame and then the Artist’s other hand is interposed to protect it using Strong Will, taking the damage from the candle and soaking the power.