Dice Modifiers

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A clarification on how various modifiers ("double your dice", "+3 dice to X", fortune dice) work:

0. Base stat.

You read it off of your character sheet.

1. Doubling (or other multiplying)

If you have a shtick which multiplies your dice, or are wearing a Talisman, that happens first.

If you have multiple effects doubling your stat, (such as a shtick which doubles your dice, plus the Talisman, or two separate shticks doubling the same stat), each "doubling" adds another multiplier to your base stat.

That is, *combining* multipliers is done additively, not multiplicatively. If you have two things giving you a x2 bonus, that's x3 overall, not x4.

2. Splitting

Normally you can only split an attack two ways; you may have a shtick which allows you to split your dice more than two ways. You can only split down to one die, so if you have a stat of four, you can't split your dice more than four ways.

So if you have a split-infinitely-ways shtick (step 2) *and* a shtick which doubles your dice (step 1), you can attack twice as many people as your base stat.

3. Adding

Shticks which let you add dice to a roll, and adding fortune dice to a roll, happen after doubling and splitting. You may only add dice to multiple different rolls in a split (that is, use the shtick multiple times in the same action) if the shtick which generates the additional dice is frequency 6. (Items which don't have a frequency mentioned are probably frequency 6; ask if it's not clear in a particular case).

4. Capping

The number of dice you can use in a single roll (whether you've split your dice or not) is capped at twice your base stat (step 0). Unless you spend karma.

If you are wearing a Talisman, this cap is increased to three times the appropriate base stat rather than twice.