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Things which came up during in and out of character discussion at the BBQ

I had my computer and wrote up a list of "to do" items. Feel free to add and update.

  • Li Merit and Cai Wen should look for the society (societies?) for making rituals and make contact. Farm out the experiments for the horn of water, plant minions in there.
  • Robert will make a wiki page "Ritual experiments for dummies" and fill it best he can. Goal is to condense the information someone who doesn't do much with rituals will need, so much of the party has a lower activation energy for helping with experiments.
  • After Li Kao is rescued, get information from him.
  • If anybody has ideas for finding out if the Dragon's wedge in the mosaic in the City of Spires was replaced or magically altered, speak up. If the Dragon's symbol was removed and replaced, we might be able to find the remains and use them.
Attempts to find out at the BBQ were unsuccessful. Perhaps someone else will have an idea?
  • Wei Han will write and, with Cai Wen's help, encode a message to Inspector Fu telling him about jade statues filled with ghosts which Commander Lo Ping may have.
Not yet done.
  • Song Min Feng will decide if she wants to get star metal legitimately or not, and then putter with appropriate people (probably Takanata).
  • Takanata will look in the exalted library for information on Aku.
  • Master Zhou will talk to the exorcist, arrange for her to go to some place on the wall, let Wei Han know where and he'll meet there.
Wei Han has not yet heard from them.
  • Li Merit will find a weak spider for Xiao Fa to experiment on.
  • Anto and Cai Wen will look into Mola Ram's ritual - what happened, where, and do we need to free a spirit
  • South, there's a village where everyone disappeared. Cai Wen will put together an expedition there.
Expedition has gone. A ritual happened there, but the absence of the twins made it frustrating for the barbarians.
  • People are encouraged to roll on Li Merit's message - even if you're rolling for 9s, if you succeed you can pick a word and say "Give me a clue about X".
  • Li Merit will ask Qin Yanyu about marriage propects for someone off in the Savanna in order to get tiger scrolls.
  • Li Merit will set up a safe house for Li Kao.
  • Meg will tell Drew about the book discussing the animus of non-ordinary groups.