House of the Laughing Shadow

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Level 1 shticks:

  • Stealthy: 1/scene, +3 dice to Stealth. Freq 3, Power 2.
  • Monkey Climb: 1/run, climb an unclimbable surface. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • I call this one Mr. Pointy: 1/run, a thrown weapon is at x5 damage. Costs a Yang. Freq 1, Power 6.
  • Reputation: Ninjas have something of a reputation for being scary. 1/run, I can even look like I deserve it. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Acrobatic Move: My full move tends to be full of bounces and flips. It doesn't actually go any faster, though. Freq 5, Power 1.

Level 2 shticks:

  • Got Your Nose: 1/turn, if you make a successful Grab attack against someone's nose (roll for 9s for a grab), you may spend a Yang to make them lose their next square-root(successes) actions. Freq 3, Power 3.
  • Vanish: Once per run, I may vanish in a puff of nasty-smelling smoke. Once I have done so, I can't come back for at least several scenes. Costs a Yin. Freq 1, Power 9.
  • Obfuscate: 1/run, given some time to mess things up, I can mess up an area so that everyone is at +2 difficulty to find anything (including spotting hidden people). Freq 2, Power 5.
  • Backstab: Once per combat, I can double my dice to attack someone who is not aware of me. Costs a Yang. Freq 2, Power 5.

Level 3 shticks:

  • Superleap Dodge: 1/combat, you may evade an attack by leaping high into the air. You come down in the next Drift, and lose any actions between now and then. Freq 3, Power 6.
  • Whap!: Improvised weapons are at x3 damage. Freq 6, Power 3.
  • Darkvision: See in the dark. Freq 6, Power 3.

Level 4 shticks:

  • Sticky Hands: -2 difficulty for grabs (so roll for 7s to grab an item), 1/action. Freq 5, Power 4.
  • Not it!: If I completely dodge an attack, and there's someone plausible behind me, I can declare that it hit them instead (subject to their dodge and defenses). Freq 5, Power 4.

Level 5 shticks:

  • Untouchable: Extra die pool for dodging melee and grabs. Freq 5, Power 5.