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Kasumi follows the Minister of Irrigation

Takata comes to find Kasumi.

"Kasumi -

"The Minister of Irrigation for the Taiga seems to have some secret regarding the Jasmine that I am trying to find out. He knows I am looking into the matter, and seems distressed that... he cannot fix whatever is wrong, perhaps?

"I do not know exactly what he is going to do about it next, but I suspect he may talk to *someone* about the matter in a way that would be helpful to overhear. Would it be possible for you to follow him for a time and see if you can learn who he talks to and what they talk about?

"It would be better if he was not aware you were there, of course."

(I can tell you where his office is, I'm not sure I actually know off hand where his home is.)

I do this thing! (What roll(s) would you like?)

You should tell us what your plan is. Do you break into his office in the middle of the night, and wait? Break in in the middle of the day, when he might be there? Ask on the street where he lives? Something else?

I shall break into his office in the middle of the night! That's a great plan.

He comes in in the morning, and he looks terrible, like he hasn't slept well, and his hair is a mess. He's muttering to himself about famine and spirit wrath and who knew the river spirits had enforcers and he supposes there's nothing for it but to lay it before His Majesty.
He goes through his office to get out a bunch of maps - they look like canals and rice paddies and such - and rolls them up, and then heads out towards the palace.

I follow! (I have the monkey talisman and a lot of ranks of stealth and some of intrusion, but let me know if I need to make some rolls.)

The minister heads to the palace, and tells the chamberlain that he must speak to the Jade Majesty immediately. It is a matter of life and death, and he does not say such things lightly. The chamberlain looks a litle dubious about that, but says that he may see His Majesty over his morning tea, and escorts him in. You end up passing a bunch of guards who do not seem to notice you, except that a guard captain gets a look as if he has smelled something bad as you all pass.
The minister is shown in to the King's sitting room, where the King is still in a (very fancy) morning robe, having tea and a light breakfast. The minister falls to his face before the King, his maps and charts escaping him in an untidy mess, and the King looks a bit alarmed.
"Please tell me what has happened, Minister Xiong."
"Your Majesty. It is terrible. I don't understand it, but the Jasmine River is most wroth with us. That is, the spirit of the river. Not the river. I hadn't even realized... that is, of course there is a great spirit of the river, but, all the water we have been diverting to the terraces, she must be appeased for our terrible presumption. There will be flood or famine, she has sent an emissary, I don't know what to do, without the irrigation, the rice fields will be dry..."
(The King appears a bit alarmed but also rather bemused, as if his minister of irrigation is not normally prone to such fits of hysteria)
At this point, the guard captain and a bunch of other guards burst in, four of whom point crossbows and swords at the minister, and the others of whom fan out around the room, and the captain frowns.
"My apologies, Your Majesty. This man is mcuh more dangerous than he appears... or... hmm."
[What now?]

Kasumi toys with the idea of leaping out and saying something about the Jasmine, but realizes she doesn't remember the briefing well enough from Takanata. Well, this is probably enough intel if she has to leave now.

Going very slowly and carefully I sneak around one of the guards toward the door.

Ideally I'll make it out of sight far enough that I don't have to use escape smoke.

Dex with stealth for 9s- 17 successes

If I think I've gotten out of the room clean I may stay in the palace and try to use my eavesdrop schtick, but I am not optimistic about it.

Note to self --I should check with Master Deng if I am the most dangerous thing in the room if I leave my katanas at home. That would make sneaking easier. I bet Min Feng never has these problems :)

Your eavesdropping shtick is why you got to eavesdrop on the conversation.  :)
But you do successfully escape.