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Kasumi puts on her best not going to a party clothes (probably "looks respectable anywhere in the empire" clothes), and packs her ninja things, including her two good swords, into a trunk. (The idea is she will travel as is, but be in full ninja garb at the audience with the king. Probably. Gah, social is hard.)

She leaves the monkey talisman with Cai Wen if he will accept it.

She tells the messenger she is ready to travel at his convenience.

Okay, off she goes. There is a ship of the Butterfly Navy standing by a polite distance offshore in the Port of Propitious Voyage, and a tender boat ferries Kasumi and the courier to the ship. The ship takes her to the Harbor of Shining Reflections, and the messenger confers with the Master of Schedules, and then escorts her up to the palace in a few hours. Presumably at some point in here Kasumi wants to change; she could easily sneak away from the messenger at this point, but we assume she doesn't.
She's shown in to a small audience chamber, where His Majesty is.
He'll wait for Kasumi to make any initial bows / greetings, and then he says:
"Some time ago, We told you that We wished to know when you acted in Our name, and why. This is not a thing that has happened."
(There is a pause there, to let some weight of disapproval register)
"However, when We find that Our own people have been killed by Our ninja and Our court bladesmaster, it is particularly difficult to overlook. Can you tell Us why it is that We needed our hand and sword to put an end to Ti Bing, Fong She, and Yi Danzu?"

This seems like something we should resolve before chapter end, but I am not in a good position to roleplay it out in detail.

Kasumi's goals in her conversation:

  • Admitting fault. She has not been doing a good job of keeping the King updated, and her confusion about what is going on is a poor excuse for her failure.
  • Sorrow for the deaths of those guards, who were simply doing their job.
  • Some explanation of why we attacked that house. The danger posed by the magics in that house were deemed important enough to warrant an attack even of one as esteemed as the Cartogomancer. Those magics were affecting all in the party.
  • Offering her resignation if that seems like the right thing to do at this time.

Not trying to get out of any repercussions.

To continue in summary mode:
The King does understand that often there is reason to act covertly against a powerful enemy. However, when those who serve that enemy (like the guards) have done no wrong in their own right, and are citizens of his kingdom, then they are his people and they are due the protection and justice of any of his citizens. (And he thinks that Kasumi's training is more than sufficient to allow her to evade or disable a low-level guard without killing them, so he thinks that she may not have been trying to do so.)
He thinks that Master Deng possibly does not have such training, and he is more likely to not bother to try. This disappoints him; he would like to think that one who was Arms Master of the Butterfly Court would not be so bloodthirsty as, say, those who serve in the Savanna, and he would like you to convey this disappointment to Master Deng, when he is well enough to hear it.
Since you are now sworn to serve a Great House of the Arcade, it is not appropriate for you to continue to serve as His Hand (and the part where he doesn't know who his Hand is killing was no good). Serving two masters when the other was Butterfly was one thing; serving two masters when one is sworn to another King will not do. So he accepts your resignation, and Master Deng is similarly no longer entitled to the designation of Arms Master Emeritus.
He would like you to convey to your new House that you (and Deng) are no longer shielded by his protection, and that if this happens again, he will not stay his hand. However, since you were technically acting in his name at the time, it is his responsibility to make right as best he can. He will be issuing three tael to each of the guard's families, and to Su Song. He expects this to be repaid by you, or Master Deng, or the House of Exuberant Interference.