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Lijuan wants to meet the panda kung-fu guy. Is he hanging around, or do I have to get a billion successes of gather information to find him?

Don't make me bother Master Zhou!

He is not hanging around with the party. Where else do you want to look for him?

On rooftops! During the daytime!

We will assume you look in Copper, Pewter, and Brass, since that's what you have keys / passes for.
You eventually spot him on a roof of the Brass district, near the Iron Keys guildhall.


Hey you!

Magnificent Po!


He comes over to the edge of the roof, and looks down.
"How may Po be of service to you, my lady?"

I’m from the circus! I heard you were fun.

"I am most honored to hear that my humble reputation has reached even the circus! What circus would this be?"

I wanted you to meet my panda friend Kawaii, but I guess she went away when the circus did. But maybe you could come with us to visit her?

"You have a friend who is also a panda warrior? I would very much like to meet her! But I am bound by honor and duty to serve as an Iron Key to those who need protection in this most dangerous of cities, so my travels are not my own to set."

Do you want me to come up there? All this shouting is kind of awkward.

"You are most welcome on this rooftop!"

Kasumi appears:

Lijuan, there you are! You have to stop running off. Oh, it's Po. Hi Po! This is my friend Lijuan. She knows ALL ABOUT pandas. She used to train with Yoshi; is he in your books?

Can you come down to meet her, or would you like us to come up?

Lijuan: I didn't run off! Xiao Fa knew just where I was going. Did he send you to follow me? You go tell him I figured it out myself, I didn't need him telling me to "think". And I don't need a babysitter!

Kasumi: I am not your babysitter, I just wanted to introduce you to Po. Pbbbt.

Po looks horrified and shouts "Ninja attack!"
Then he looks down the three stories to the ground in some worry, and starts clambering down from balcony to balcony, until he reaches the ground, and rushes over to put himself and his staff between Lijuan and Kasumi.

Taken aback by this development, Lijuan is silent for several seconds.

"Um, Po? This is my friend Kasumi. She's a Monkey Ninja, which is a little like a Panda Warrior."

"Don't listen to the ninja! Ninja are treacherous and tricksy, and they're not your friends! And don't listen if it says Panda Warriors are like Ninja. You run, I'll hold it off!"

"Kawaii is the fuzziest panda ever and I know you'll learn a lot from her even if she isn't a teacher. I'll ask Cai Wen if you can come. It's his circus, you know."

Po is briefly distracted by this.
"He has a circus *too*?"
Then he gets back on target.
"Avaunt! Shoo! Shoo!"
He waves his staff menacingly at Kasumi.

Um, Kasumi? Do you think it would help if you hide? You could always unhide when you want to say stuff.

"Yes! Hide back in the shadows that spawned you, dread creature!"
He takes a swing at Kasumi with his staff, but she can dodge it without particular problem, as he's only first level.

Po! Stop bothering my friend Kasumi. Cai Wen is the Ringmaster of the Silken Wings Circus. How do you not know that?

"He is indeed a great man, then! When I met him, he was the Guildmaster of the Guild of the Carriers of the Iron Key."

And where did you learn all this stuff about ninja? Kawaii doesn't mind nijna any more than she minds anyone, and she's a panda, so it's not you being panda.

"The Twelfth Scroll of the Blade of Tsukawaki tells of the fall of Master Tsukawaki, slain without honor. 'The strike from the shadows may hold death, but it never holds honor'."

Anyhow, if you can't be nice to my friend maybe we better leave.

"The path of the true warrior is not to treat the enemy with niceness, it is to treat the enemy with stalwart resolve and honor!"

Lijuan draws herself up "Is this how you honor my friend Kasumi?"

"Master Zhou taught me that there's more than one way to do stuff. It's pretty stupid to say Kasumi's way is bad without thinking about it."

"If Cai Wen can be a ringmaster and a guildmaster then maybe you can be open minded too."

Po says, with dignity, "I hope my mind shall never grow open enough to accept treachery and assassination, and if that is truly the path that you have chosen for yourself, then I regret that we must be opposed."

Lijuan makes a little huffing noise, not quite a snort, and shouts "Think!"

Then she flounces off, only looking over her shoulder once.


Kasumi hangs her head.

"I thought you were fun and would like to meet Lijuan and talk about pandas. Thought you would remember me from meeting Anto and Master Zhou. I guess you were just too starstruck. Good luck with the Iron Keys."

"Wait, that ninja who poisoned the princess was you? !?!?"
He swings his staff again, this time throwing in his couple of fortune dice, which Kasumi can still evade handily.
"I must inform the Princess!"