Magnanimity Rules

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The basic form is formal dancing, between pairs of dancers (who can be of either gender). Making good dancing rolls lets you switch partners to someone farther away in a pairwise sap. (You may also stand around the edges as a wallflower, but earn no points there.) Movement in this dance can be based on Charisma, or Dexterity, or Intelligence.


The Master of the Dance (usually the person in charge of the party) declares the figures. Some are social, some are intellectual, some might be physical. These last for a little while (changing in Drift). In your action, you offer help / advice / useful information / interesting gossip / minor favors / etc to the other person, in keeping with the figure. Your partner gets a free action to offer something back, which should be of a similar nature to your offer. Whoever's thing is more magnanimous (a combination of how big it is and how much the person appreciates it) gets Magnanimity Points, scaled based on size and how much it is appreciated. If you really hate each other, the advice can be snide and poisonous, but normally it's well-intentioned.


At the end of the evening, when the dancing finishes, people exit in order of earned points, highest to lowest, except that each person gets to bring someone with them, and they may ask that someone a boon. (So, basically you can ask a boon from someone that you scored better than, and then they cannot ask a boon from anyone else.) The boons decrease in power, and after about half the guests have exited, that's it.