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If you have ideas for things that should be worked on in Puttering Sundays, put them under Short Term or Long Term below. If something is started, or completed, move to In Progress or Completed, respectively.


In Progress

  • When are we attacking the Ifrit? Is there any more prep to do? NOW! Better not be.  :-)
    • We hear he is unable to resist a fair wager [I think this was the king of the Ifrit, not this one? - Charles]
  • Investigate the Phoenix icon on the Golden Spire
    • Someone made subtle modifications to the Phoenix icon to make it harder to contact Phoenix. We suspect Whale. In order to fix it, we need to acquire appropriate stones from the Twelve Kingdoms, and then make suitable Jewelsmithing, etc. rolls. We have 10? of the 12. The Arcade stone can probably be found in a quarry? behind enemy lines.
    • We have acquired the Hon'eth Ivory in puttering on January 31st. We believe the only remaining thing to confirm is the Jade from the Strand, which will require getting it from Shuyan. Takanata has paid Orefinder Liren back for his help. Shuyan has agreed to provide the Jade in email.
  • Key to the Vault
  It's Magpie's Vault.  One of Magpie's Realms.  Not as well guarded as Dragon's Hoard.  It's believed to be under The Bazaar.  
  You can't buy things in the Vault, that's what the Bazaar is for.  The nature of whether there are combats etc. depends on
  what you're trying to do there.
  Shen-Ji's KS: Artifacts roll says the Key "is in the possession of the moneymancer Ezokin" (is known to be, that is).
  • Pondering the structure of the Chapter
  Q: Will rolling a 5 (filling the last open slot) cause a 7 to happen? A: It never has before.

Short Term

The following are potentially useful before end of chapter, with higher priority near the top.

  • Investigate Shen Dai Han.
 We need to find his burial site, to get dirt that we can mix with the Ghost-Be-Gone, that will help take him down.
 Fen-Xi could requisition the information, but Cai-Wen's True Bureaucracy roll says that should be done in the World After.
 That likely means using the Serpent Ring.
 (We are talking about a Mission to the World After to get this information.)
  • Minister Asahara: he remembers the Mayor's death three years ago, and has been taken out of Bureaucracy Jail; we should help him before the Marked realize he's a problem. (See Death by Chocolate.)
  • Investigate how the Obsidian Warlord is going to thwack us in the Against The North game
    • In Sealing the Portal the Lord of Protection indicated that Shen Dai Han is going to use the Invisible Web to conscript the Arcade House forces, so they won't be available to fight against the North.
  • Treaty of Houses - figure out a Working?
  • Follow up on the statue of Lucky Chang (Lady Jin recovered in Night of Gates XI).
    • Lady Jin thinks it was an early experiment in shaping one's destiny, which did not work. (There was some implication she learned things about shaping her own destiny from studying it.)
  • Get Cai-Wen into the Jade District, to the right buildings, so that he can check the Imperial scoreboard against the North.
  • Shen-Ji's iota Corruption - Help us Lo Xiao Fa, you're our only hope!
  • Examine recently-acquired loot:
    • 6 chests of papers and records from Councilor Tuan's vault
  • Mitigate the haunting in the Forest of Chin
    • Talk to Xian's sister, who set it up?
    • Fix it so the House Foon servants see ghosts?
    • Yoshi suggests leaving this to sort itself out.

Longer Term

  • Walk around the basement at Tahiti and figure out what to do with terrifying things like "hole in the world"
  • Haunting of the Warlord's Throne / Foon-Siew Ancestors
    • This is also above? - Charles
  • Get more military units formed; figure out if we need a high level coordination among the types/locations/specialties among these units
  • Making Shuyan Queen of the Strand
  • Look for Descendants of the Spider.


  • Lady Jin - Make an Alliance? (Necklace purchase)
 We cut a deal with Lady Jin to make her Queen in exchange for the Arcade's help in making Xiao Fa Emperor.
 We agreed to give her the necklace.
 See her I Ching reading in Non-Party I Ching readings for a bit more.
  • Deal with the Blue Artifact Ring that made Kuan-Xi think she should be Uber-Married to Anto. (2021-01-03)
    • We dealt with it being on Kuan-Xi, but we still have it to do something with.