Shadowruns (Beastmaster of Men)

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The camp has a Tents deck and a Trouble deck, and seven "clocks".

There is a Beastmaster of Men clock. If it fills, that could be bad.

There are three Alert clocks (Eyes, Ears, and Fire), which track how close the camp is to being on full alert. For any Alert clock which fills up, every tent has one extra Trouble card drawn and the Beastmaster of Men clock ticks forward one. If all three Alert clocks fill, then the camp is roused.

The Search clocks (Mind, Tao, and Social) track how close the party is to finding what they seek by understanding the various dynamics of the camp. If a Search clock fills, then each of the Alert clocks which are not full will be decreased by one. If all three Search clocks fill, then the location of the target is known.


When one or more person enters a new Tent, the room is drawn from the deck and is placed onto the tent; one entrance must be on the location that the tent was entered from. Tents can only be exited through an opening. Everyone may decide whether to go into the tent once it is placed, and at least one person must enter.

The middle section is the Pass roll that everyone in the tent must make in order to not alert those in the tent. The first number is an "Iffy success"; the second number is a "Clear success". People who are good at the roll may split their dice to help others, before the rolls are made. Everyone who makes a Clear Pass is fine. For each Iffy pass, the indicated Alert clock (Eyes or Ears) ticks up by one. If anyone fails entirely, a Trouble card is drawn (and we will continue to use the accidental loophole that the Alert does not tick up). The Trouble counter ticks up after all trouble is resolved, and it only ticks up one no matter how many cards are drawn. "T" in the Trouble cards is the current Trouble number.

After any trouble is resolved, one or more Investigate rolls are made (by the people who encountered the room). Each person may make a roll, or a helper roll for someone else, for one of the two rolls described. (People with no skill may make helper rolls for 9.) If the roll succeeds, then the appropriate Search clock ticks forward one or you can learn something appropriate and interesting. (If two of the same roll succeed, you can tick the search clock forward *and* learn something interesting).

Tents can only be investigated on their first encounter. They may be entered to avoid guards after that, and require Passing, but no more clues can be found.

Camp Guards

There are a number of patrolling camp guards. The guards move while tents are being encountered. If the guards pass the party, or the party passes guards, the Fire alert clock ticks up by the total number of party members seen by a guard, minus one.

Anything resembling combat or death ticks the Beastmaster of Men counter forward one unless otherwise specified.


Each of the three NPCs gets a special power.

Lady Blades can eliminate one patrol without causing any alarm.

Master Knives can knock out a group of three or fewer people so that the Pass roll is not needed, without causing any alarm.

Lord Morningstar can get one automatic Investigate success on any physical stat.

If you have a shtick that should solve either the Pass situation or an Investigate, but is not a skill roll, you may spend one karma to get a Clear Pass for yourself or three karma to get a Clear Pass for the group, or one karma to succeed in the Investigate.